Mountain Tone 1 and 2

Mountain Tone Mika Tyyska & Mr. Fastfinger -album cover

Music should feel like an adventure, here’s a road movie for your ears. Each tune opens a new landscape and a new scene for you to experience. From green forests to sunny beaches, from dark roads to big cities. Certain ways this could be seen as a best of compilation of Mika Tyyskä’s compositions of the past 3 years. The album is begin released in the parts. Part 1 release date is October 8th 2019.

A lot of music was composed during the years, 16 tracks were finally chosen to be part of the final piece. The Hills (1986), Palma Driver (1984), Beach at Night (1985) and Rush in Africa (1985) were originally composed as jam tracks for an instructional download package Mika produced for JTC Guitar. These tunes were composed as if they were movie score music to imaginary movies that would have been produced in the 80′s. The original format for the tunes was to create easy jam-along type of tunes where Mika would always play lead guitar for 4 bars and then leave the next 4 bars empty for the home guitarist to have room to do his part. Composing tracks this way helped the music to suddenly have more air to breathe. For “The Hills (1986)” the arrangement was left almost as it were for the initial jam. The arrangement also gave Lasse Rantanen some room to do his smooth big melodic bass lines.

Having a guest musician play on the tune can lead to unexpected discoveries, you never know what direction they take the music.
For “Beach At Night (1985)” Mika asked legendary guitar master from Finland, Ben Granfelt to play some bluesy lines. Ben Granfelt did some strong phrasing and leveled up the whole tune, Mika had to re-record his guitar parts to make sure he doesn’t sound too weak. Kai Hahto played his drums for the tune “Little Green” already in 2014. The track could have been on the previous “Spirit Rising” album, but it took Mika almost 5 years to get back to the tune and finish it. And what a ride it is! Sampo Tiittanen playes upright bass on “Rush in Africa 1985). Having an acoustic bass on the track creates a great contrast to Rantanen’s gigantic fuzzy bass wall which opens the track. Music needs to supririse it’s listener to keep things interesting.

Use your whole body instead of a Joystick
“Mystery” was originally composed for the game “Air Guitar Warrior”. Instead of using a joystick or other interfaces, the player controls this game with this body, by playing air guitar. For the game engine Mika was requested to compose different type of guitar layers: slow riff, fast riff, slow melody, fast melody, shred…. With these layers available it was easy to compose the basis of the version you here on this album. The end result doesn’t sound like layers of guitar being hears one after another.  Like many of the tunes, “Mystery” were arranged and developed at band rehearsals by the whole trio. And the joik-singing in the intro? It was spontainously sang by Lasse Rantanen during one of the very first reheasals of this tune. The singing idea was quickly captured with iPhone and later mixed to be part of the final recording.

“Pulse”  was originally released as part of a compolation album “Guitar Hero Ballads II” by JTC Guitar in 2017. It’s been well recieved by the fans of instrumental guitar.

Mountain Tone is divided to two parts. Each part lasts little over 30 minutes and has 8 tracks. With two shorter listening experiences the whole drama makes more sense. It’s also much more enjoyable experience for the listener.
Mountain Tone part 1 release date: October 8th 2019.
Mountain Tone part2 release date: April 14th 2020.
CD has both parts included on one disc. release date: 8th of October 2019.

Mountain Tone part 1
01. Determinator (0:48)
02 . Ginger Fox (5:41)
03. Mystery (4:03)
04. The Hills 1986 (4:04)
05. Palma Driver 1984 (4:16)
06. Beach At Night 1985 (3:48)
07. Little Green (4:17)
08. Ocean of Neon (4:21)
Running time 30 minutes.

Mountain Tone part 2
09. Cinnamon Valley (3:23)
10. Hermit’s Night Out (4:05)
11. Friendly Beasts (4:42)
12. Midnight Mover (3:25)
13. Rush in Africa 1983 (4:41)
14. Miracle (3:59)
15. Pulse (5:10)
16. Foxtail (0:51)
Running time 30 minutes.

MIKA TYYSKÄ – Guitars and what else?

BEN GRANFELT- Guest lead guitar on (6.) Beach At Night 1985
KAI HAHTO – Drums on (7.) Little Green
SAMPO TIITTANEN – Upright bass on (13.) Rush in Africa 1983

Engineered, manupulated and mixed by Mika Tyyskä at Mountain Tone, Askola.
Markus Aukio: drums (1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12) and bass (3, 12) at Soundtrack studios, Magnusborg studios.
Sami Koivisto: drums (7) at Nordic Audio Labs, Vaasa.
Miri Miettinen: drums (15) in Epoo basement.
Mika Tyyskä and Thomas Törnroos: drums (4, 5, 6, 9, 13, 14) at Mountain Tone, Askola and (8) Thomas’ rehearsal room, Porvoo.

Ruokangas guitars, Hughes & Kettner amps, D’Addario strings very in most important roles in the making of this music. Various TDK, Maxell and Basf tapes were abused for special cassette sound processing.

Mastered by Henkka Niemistö at Chartmakers East
Produced and composed by Mika Tyyskä