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Mr. Fastfinger is an animated guitarist. Creation of guitarist, composer and animator Mika Tyyskä.

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Mika Tyyskä’s debut album is a DIY type of instrumental recording. Pure musical joy with melodic guitars, 80’s style synth and odd machine beats. Kind of like Synthwave with heavy guitar, but different! Inspired by John Carpenter, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme, Seagul… action movies! From hard rocking bad ass tracks to soothing atmospheres. Incredibly crunchy sound. All music was recorded on 4-track and 8-track tape recorders.
Download and more details here!"

It’s 9 years from the release of Mr. Fastfinger’s debut album “The Way of the Exploding Guitar”. What a success this album has been for both Mika and Mr. Fastfinger. Time to celebrate!"Download and more details here!"