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Mr. Fastfinger is an animated guitarist. Creation of guitarist, composer and animator Mika Tyyskä.
New ground breaking album "Spirit Rising" and mind-blowing movie "The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt" released. 

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Mika Tyyskä's creation Mr. Fastfinger in a new musical adventure "Neon Alchemist". Driving guitars, pumping bass, striking drums combined with futuristic tones. Digital EP released now at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play... Also available on CD as EP Collection (Neon Alchemist + Stringweaver + Swim Like Sushi - live) directly from

Effortless from Mr. Fastifinger's album Spirt Rising. "SPIRIT RISING" album available here!

Trailer from Mr. Fastfinger & Juha Ruokangas movie. Watch full movie: "THE SPIRIT OF THE GUITAR HUNT" here!