The spring of new compositions

At some point of spring 2010 I started slowly composing new ideas for the next Mr. Fastfinger album. I didn’t have a crystal idea or theme for the album. But it was definelty clear that there is a need to create an action packed album filled with kick ass music. With positive energy wibe to it!

But the idea of should it sound more like a band album or totally something else kept changing on daily basis.

We had a gig arranged for Mr. Fastfinger band in May. I then got the idea of trying to include as much new music to our setlist as possible. Also felt that it would be interesting to work on the song arrangement together with the band. Get some input from the guys. Because of the gig there was a good motivation to get new songs composed.

So, there was some quality time spent in the Tilulilu studio composing ideas down.

to be continued…

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