Working on the next Mr. Fastfinger album

Mr. Fastfinger and his band are working on a new album. Working title is “Action Guitar”. Debut album “The Way of the Exploding Guitar” was a great success for Mr. Fastfinger. It was well recieved and even praised by the fans of instrumental guitar rock. After a little rest we are now boldy going towards new adventures.

Aim is to get the new album released during the second half of 2011. Mr. Fastfinger has been gathering a band to back him properly. The drummer Thomas Törnroos, bass player Lasse Rantanen and Kalle Katz on keyboards and Mika Tyyskä on second guitar.

Stay tuned to get inside! Click here to read how things are progressing here: “Action Guitar“. Blogs will cover everything from composing and recording to producing and concept design to the visual design to release and marketing. Get involved and share your thoughs!

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  1. Greetings from Quito, Ecuador, South America, mr fastfinger is a great hero here in my country. we are waiting for your new album,Thank you

  2. You are my guru Mr Fastfinger! Thank you for the announcement of new music on the way! I respect this moment.

  3. love your site, i’ m almost 2 years old, mr fastfinger is my hero.

    • Hi there, 2 years! You must be one of my youngest fans. Do the yoga and rock to the beat of good music!

  4. Look forward to the blog posts!
    This will be good, yes :)

  5. “Action Guitar” got good feeling ,Mr Fastfinger and your band, we are waiting for your second album,we always support you and your band. Thank you.