The new Neon Alchemist EP collection CD is on stock

New Mr. Fastfinger 3 EP collection CD: “Neon Alchemist” is here on stock. You can currently pre-order it via Indiegogo site.

Buy the music straigh from me (CD or Digital), you are help us to continue this journey. It’s much appreciated and needed.

It’s a great deal. A lot of music. When buying a CD you’ll also get a download link to the mp3′s and Backing tracks mix of Neon Alchemist EP as a bonus.

Neon Alchemist (2016)
1. Alchemist
2. Miku
3. Blissrush (hear the tune at soundcloud)
4. Hypnagoga

Stringweaver (2013)
5. Awaki-Waki
6. Practice Heart
7. Nightvisions
8. Sandwashing

Swim like Sushi – live (2016)
9. Be Wind My Friend
10. Practice Heart
11. Nightvisions
12. Breathe
13. Great Blue Waves
14. Miku

Approx. 67 minutes in total

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