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Neon Alchemist / Stringweaver / Swim Like Sushi (live)
- 3 x EP Collection CD

NEW! Neon Alchemist, Stringweaver and  Swim like Sushi (live), 3 EP’s on one CD, 67 minutes + Digital download of all the music + backing track mixes of Neon Alchemist EP.  Buy the CD from and you get a fast access to the mp3 files in email.  Signed CD comes with a “Play Guitar Rather Than Eat 3 Meals a Day” – sticker and Mr. Fastfinger’s Attack -pick.
15 € + 3€ (shipping)

The Way of the Exploding Guitar -CD

The Way of the Exploding Guitar-CD directly from the artist. CD comes with a sticker. Original Mr. Fastfinger’s debut album. There’s still some CD’s left. Get it now!
15 € + 3€ (shipping)

Spirit Rising -CD

The album is also available from all digital download stores (like iTunes etc.) . Few copies of the CD still available from Amazon,  Levykauppa X, Guitar Euro Shop and Jam Track Central.

Mountain Tone -Patch

Very limited edition patch for you jacket or bag… Only 60 pieces made.
13,64 euros (including 24% tax)+ 3€ (shipping)

24 Custom Picks

Mr. Fastfinger Attack pick. White pick 1,14 mm black print on. 24 pieces. Jazz XL III shape. Derlin. Makes you play better and more focused!
A bag of 24 picks = 15 euros (including 24% tax)+ 3€ (shipping)

Guitar Disciple -bundle set

Spirit Rising -Backing tracks

+ Digital Spirit Rising- backing track album (Full album without the lead guitars) + 16 pages booklet with the tablature transcription to “The Rite of The Exploding Guitar”. Professionally printed on quality paper. Booklet will be signed to you (if special request email mika – guitarshredshow dot com after purchase) + 5 Mr. Fastfinger Attack -picks.
(After purchase you’ll get the link to the backing album in email asap, within 12 hours. The booklet and picks will also ship within few days).
14.90 euros + 3 euros shipping costs

Senseitional Treasure Tape (digital only)

12 track collection of rare, unreleased, revisited, live and other wise fun tracks. There tunes are recorded between the years 2008 and 2015.  Available exclusively from shop. Select Mp3 or 16-bit 44,1 khz wav download (through Sellfy). 33 minutes.More details behind the link.



Neon Alchemist -Backing tracks and 2 Tablatures (mp3 + tab)

Neon Alchemist-backing mixes to all 4 songs + tablature transcirptions to 2 songs :Alchemist and Blissrush.  (through Sellfy).  

Buy Neon Alchemist Backings plus 2 Tablature.


Spirit Rising -Backing tracks (digital mp3 only)

Spirit Rising -Backing tracks Digital “Spirit Rising-backing tracks album (album without the lead guitars, very much enjoyable for listening and for jam purposes). Mp3 download (through Sellfy).

Buy Spirit Rising Backing Tracks album

Stringweaver -EP (digital download)

Brand new four track EP delivering fresh sounds directly from Mr. Fastfinger’s home island. offers direct mp3 + 16-bit 44,1 khz wav downloads (through Sellfy).

EP also Available from iTunes, Amazon, Jam Track Central, Guitar Europ Shop, CD Baby and all major digital download stores.

In Motion -CD

The last copies of the CD from Guitar Euro Shop and LevykauppaX.
Download from iTunes:
Listen at Spotify:

Mr. Fastfinger T-shirts and accessories

Offical Mr. Fastfinger T-shirts and accessories. T-shirts for men, women and kids. Mugs, iPhone cases. Also Dwarf -bags available. New design just added!

Mr. Fastfinger T-shirt store>

Mr. Fastfinger at Jam Track Central

Mika Tyyskä’s / Mr. Fastfinger’s lick and jam packages available at

New 20 Expressive Rock licks now released

  • 20 original licks
  • 20 live videos (fast/slow)
  • Backing and jam tracks (4 different versions x 2 tempos)
  • TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
  • Bonus technique/theory notes
  • Deluxe option also includes over 2 hours of instructional material and free mp3ique/theory notes

20 Mixolydian Shuffle licks

  • 20 original licks
  • 20 live videos (fast/slow)
  • Backing and jam tracks (3 different versions x 2 tempos)
  • TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
  • Bonus technique/theory notes

Jam packages Expressive Modes and The Mr. Fastfinger Sessions
Each package includes:

  • 5 full length video performances by Mika in MP4
  • 5 solo example tracks in MP3
  • 5 solo backing tracks in MP3
  • 5 extended jam tracks in MP3
  • Complete TAB and notation in PDF and Powertab formats
  • Bonus track notes by


CD stores

CDbaby (US and international)

JAM TRACK CENTRAL merch (UK and International)

Guitar Euro Shop (France / Eu and international)

LevyKauppaX (Finland and international)

JustForKicksMusic (Germany and international)

Mad Guitar Records

Keltainen jäänsärkija (Helsingin keskusta, Finland)

Note: you can still also find “The Way of the Exploding Guitar” CD from many of these same places. Get them both while available!

Download stores

iTunes (please search for Mr. Fastfinger in Motion on iTunes)
Plus many other digital stores.