Preparing to for live gigs

Little quick update. Currently the album production is on a little hold. Two tracks have been making me scratch my head. But the other riddle is starting to reveal itself already.

Now there’s two live dates very soon. One with the full Mr. Fastfinger Band this sunday and one Mr. Fastfinger duo gig nexy thurday.
Wouldn’t feel right to base the setlist on old material. Too excited about the new stuff.
So, there’s so much practicing on mastering some new songs to live condition. Hey, it’s another thing to record and develop stuff in studio than to rock out on stage.
We have only two band rehearsals. Yaiks! Tomorrow and on friday.

Here’s the current setlist plan.

Exploding Solo
Mountain Mover
Action Beat
Big Trummors
Tapping Boogie

in addition we might do some full improvised stuff. If it feels right and the audience want more than we rehearsed.
Need to go preparing all the files and myself for the rehearsals.

Oh and in the picture you see the new Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18. Little huge amp! Checked out this amp last week and I couldn’t let go of it. It’s an amazing amp. It’s very small sized but has a mountain like tone. You’ll be hearing a lot of this amp in the furure!

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