Patterns in Octaves – 2 notes per string

This time we take a look at one simple idea that is very useful in guitar playing. Group of four notes, two notes per string approach!


We begin with simple idea such as this:

Ex.1 (C maj7 arpeggio – inverted VII – I – III – V) – Two notes per string

In the first bar you see a simple idea. I pick this with down up down up strokes. I use palm muting to make it sound cool. Always experiment with muting!

If you ‘re new to this kind picking, or feel that you need some excercise. I suggest that you take a metronome and start repeating the first bar first slow and then go slightly faster and faster. Read my blog “How to Build up speed” for more ideas. On the second and third bar you see the same idea but played octave and two octaves higher. Practice and repeat. Important: practice with amp with little overdrive. Keep overdrive reasonable, if you only have little overdrive, you will hear your mistakes and problems easier. Play clean.


(C maj7 arpeggio – inverted VII – I – III – V) – Two notes per string 2

Now we simply combine all three bars from previous excercise. Boom! A cool lick you can use to climb up three octaves in no time at all! But first you need to master this.

Put the metronome on again, repeat!

PRACTICE IDEA – Two notes per string 3

Random jumps between the octaves can make you strong! Improvise and go with the flow. Repeat hard.

A FEW VARIATIONS – Two notes per string 4

Very true! You can use these technicue to get down too. Just reverse the order of the notes. For a change, we have slightly different note on this excercise. Dig in! – Two notes per string 5

This variation utilizes some string skipping. I’m sure if you take some time, you can come up with even cooler lick than this one.

All samples are in tempo of 120 bpm.

Next time some more ideas on how to practice this. And how I use this in creating music.

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    Mika wrote:
    Thanks Will for expanding the lesson. Very important to be aware of the arpeggios your playing. Lesson about playing more advanced arpeggios is under work.
    14/08 11:02:12 AM

    Mika wrote:
    Oscar, would be totally awesome if you write a review or anything on your blog. Thank you in advance!
    14/08 10:57:17 AM

    5nake AKA Mr. Oscar Franco wrote:
    Hello Mr. Mika, it’s me Mr.Oscar, i was wondering if i could write a review of Mr. Fast Finger album on my blog and put a link to your website as well, if it doesn’t bother you. Looking forward to write excellent stuff about your music.
    09/08 5:06:21 AM

    Will wrote:
    Instead of learning them vertically across the neck this is exactly how I taught myself 7th arpeggios up the neck horizontally. I had to later go back and learn them in one position with all the awkward fingering changes.

    G Major 7th (IMaj7th chord, IVMaj7th chord)

    G minor 7th (ii7th chord, iii7th chord, vi7th chord)

    G Dominant 7th (V Dom7th chord)

    G minor 7th b5 (vii m7b5 chord)
    hours of fun.
    02/08 8:49:53 AM

    Oscar Franco wrote:
    Thank you very much Mr. Fastfinger, even though my B-day is until July 2… i feel extremely honored of being greeted by you this early!!!! :D

    Thanks again!!!
    19/06 6:18:45 AM

    MrFastfinger wrote:
    Glad to hear you found your way to create your own music. Yeah, Mr. Fastfinger album is a great gift:) Happy birthday Mr. Oscar!

    I couldn’t find the video from the site, but it’s on YouTube:
    18/06 9:11:40 AM
    Oscar Franco wrote:
    Thanks for the tip Mika, but the link you provided with the video is no longer available… could you please re post it!? thank you. BTW: My girlfriend will give me Mr. Fastfinger debut album as my birthday present… can´t wait to have it!!!!
    i love your work, you´ve inspired me to finally work on my original music… keep rocking!!!
    18/06 9:00:24 AM

    Felipe Soto wrote:
    Holy cow…
    these are the exercises to grow up
    in the diapasón…. (spanish)
    to know all the notes in the frets…

    12/04 10:41:42 PM

    Tennyson wrote:
    Great examples Mr. Fastfinger!! I like these two note groupings and I especially like the sound of the last one – please keep sharing!!
    03/03 10:47:29 PM

    Mika wrote:
    Mr. Fastfinger and all visitors of the website, it’s Mr. Mika from Finland!
    We shot this little video in germany with my friend Bernd Kiltz some time ago. It could support this blog lesson. You can find it here:

    24/02 1:44:29 PM