No to writers block!

Is it possible to weep while sweeping?
I guess so! This week I’ve finished writing 4 song suite of arpeggio etudes. And these are emotion packed etudes. Even the client says he was pretty much weeping there when listening to these tunes ;)

To write these etudes I had to take a different approach to writing. Had to slow down. Started writing the arpeggio excercises on Guitar Pro first and wrote simple harmony / chords to go along. After this round I exported the excersise parts as midi. In cubase I started working on rhythm guitar parts, wrote demo drums and started shaping structure to the actual etudes. Added some melodic parts here and there, to make it sound more like real music.

Being “forced” to write like this was refreshing. I usually am in too much rush to write things down in notation first. Here it was a good first step!
Anyways I’ve got now four songs in demo mixes that will next be taken forward by Markus Pajakkala (Utopianisti), he’ll do some drumming and bassing and further tweaks perhaps and mixing.

The etudes are great. But I think I might take these tunes futher one day and parhaps create an EP out of these. Expand, add some some guitar solos and replace some of the arpeggios with more melodies etc. One day. BUT! I need to get the new album finished and out first!

And finally about writers block. The more I write music the less I face problems in writing music. The flow can be found when you just keep working on.
Also when not trying to create a master piece can be a key too. Just write on and keep producing. You have to write many songs to come up with a few gems.


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