Secrets & Magic, new single from Mr. Fastfinger

Mr. Fastfinger’s new single ”Secrets & Magic” is out. A gift from us to you!

Hope you enjoy your package for the holiday season 2017. Thanks for the great year! We recorded this tune together in my small studio. This is the first time we’re actually cutting a tune together at the same time. Just a few takes and that was it. Feeling very proud of the smooth flow in this recording. It amazes me that we even got all the lead guitars captured all at once. Music is real magic!

Secrets and Magic is now available at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music…


Special deluxe version with tabs, backings etc.

A special deluxe version is available straight from our digital store. Package includes the single and backing track mix in Mp3 and Wav, PDF booklet with tablature and lesson, video clips with close up guitar. Also 4 group mixes (isolated lead guitar, drum&bass, synths, acoustic instruments) in mp3 are included.
Find the deluxe package here:

The video on Youtube

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