Digital mini album. Release date: 21/5/2013

Mr. Fastfinger’s third release “Stringweaver” is a mini album with four musical scenes. The neck bends, the notes fly, the pick is sharper than an arrow. The 6 strings are vibrating with all emotions, passion, joy, excitement, surprising elements and positive energy. Music is drawing images and scenes in your ear. Have sense of adventure, open your mind for this vivid ear traveling experience.
He’s got that flow, he’s back on the beach.

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1. Awaki-Waki
2. Practice Heart
3. Nightvisions
4. Sandwashing

Total time 18 minutes

Album Credits
Produced, written and arranged by MIKA TYYSKÄ

MIKA TYYSKÄ – Guitar & Programming
THOMAS TÖRNROOS – Drums & Percussions

Recorded and Mixed at Elektrik Kitarland by MIKA TYYSKÄ. Drums engineered by  MAURO GARGANO at IVK -studio. Mastered at Chartmakers by HENKKA NIEMISTÖ


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Shred your guitar – reach for the highest score!

Stringweaver” is also an extended soundtrack to a Mr. Fastfinger level of the online game GuitarBots. The tunes were initially written as game material, but then expanded to full songs. Check out to play along these songs with sensei. Including parts for both melody and rhythm guitar. Grab your guitar!

Guitarbots – Mr. Fastfinger level. Sensei challenging guitar gamers to workout the fretboard along the track “Awaki – Waki”.

Ovelin’s press release about the Guitarbots – Mr. Fastfinger package

Stay tuned for more
It’s been a very creative season for Mika Tyyskä and his imaginary friend Mr. Fastfinger. “Stringweaver” will soon be followed by a whole series of mini albums. If you’re into rich instrumental music, sink your ears to this. Stay tuned at

About Mr. Fastfinger
In 2005 Mr. Fastfinger shook the guitar world when Guitar Shred, animated instructional guitar game site was launched. Mr. Fastfinger is a creation of finnish guitarist and producer Mika Tyyskä. Cartoon sensei’s charisma revealed to be quite appealing not only to Mika but also to the wide world of guitarists. Guitar Shred Show was highly popular with several million visitors.

The carton sensei then became a live act, Mika Tyyskä and the cartoon character on screen has been performing in Europe and Japan. Mika and Mr. Fastfinger has been doing cooperation with companies such as Hughes & Kettner and TC Electronic. Mika has shared the stage or recorded together with such artists as Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Mattias IA Eklundh, Thomas Blug and Christophe Godin. Mr. Fastfinger’s two albums “The Way of The Exploding Guitar” (2009) and “in Motion” (2012) have been well received by the global guitar scene.

In 2012 joined the high class of guitar players at  Mika is featured along side with some of the most respected and successful guitarist such as Gutherie Govan, Andy James, Marco Sfogli. So far Mika has created two educational jam packages for Jam Track Central, more to come.