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Composer, musician, artist, guitar teacher, director

I’m a composer, musician, guitarist and an animator. I’m specialized in instrumental rock. In my music, expressive guitar is in the leading role. I love to created worlds with sounds and push the boundaries. I approach guitar playing like an animator, notes only become music when you make them breath. Drama, atmostphere and storytellig are the most important aspects in music. In addition to making music, I love to share and teach what I’ve learned along the way.

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Mika Tyyskä, Finnish musician, is best known by his work with cartoon guitarist and mentor Mr. Fastfinger. Mr. Fastfinger was originally created for the incredibly successful website Guitar Shred Show in 2005. Mika soon gained worldwide respect from guitar players and the website won many important multimedia awards.

Guitar Shred Show > (note: After 15 years, the site still works in 2020, but you’ll need a browser with Flash plug-in)


The Way of the Exploding Guitar (2019)
In Motion (2012)
Stringweaver (2013)
Spirit Rising (2015)
Neon Alchemist (2016)
Swim like Sushi (2016)
Night Overdrive (2018)
Mountain Tone (2019)
Mountain Tone 2 (april 17th 2020)

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“Effortless” taken from Spirit Rising (2015) album.


MR. FASTFINGER live trio

Studio live performance of Mr. Fastfinger Trio. Band: Mika Tyyskä on guitar, Lasse Rantanen on bass and Thomas Törnroos on drums.


I’ve has created a lot of education content to JTC Guitar since 2012. JTC is one of the most important services online offering jam tracks and educational content created by some of the best guitar players today. Mika at JTCGuitar.com >


YOUTUBE Mr. Fastfinger – Mika Tyyskä channel

Mika Tyyskä – Mr. Fastfinger YouTube >

The channel features a lot of content produced over the years. Music videos, live band performances, guitar playthroughs, guitar lessons, geardemos etc. It’s one of the most important ways to keep in touch with the audience. Overall 1,6 million views.