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Mr. Fastfinger – Spirit Rising (Elektrik Pyjamas 2015)
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Mr. Fastfinger – In Motion (Elektrik Pyjamas 2012)
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Mr. Fastfigner – The Way of the Exploding Guitar (Elektrik Pyjamas 2009)
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Mr. Fastfinger – Neon Alchemist – EP (2016)

Mr. Fastfinger – Swim Like Sushi (live) – EP (2016)

Mr. Fastfinger – Stringweaver (Elektrik Pyjamas 2013)
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Single from the movie “The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt”.  Digital only. Available from Spotify, Apple etc…

Rare tracks – unoffical digital album

Mr. Fastfinger – Senseitional Treasure Tape (Elektrik Pyjamas 2015)
Unoffical album exclusively from MrFastfinger.net store. Digital only. 30 minutes of rare and unreleased tunes from the years 2008 – 2015. Includes songs from the movie “The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt” that didn’t fit the “Spirit Rising” album.

Guest appearances

Here’s a list of all albums Mr. Fastfinger or Mika Tyyskä has guest apperead. We’re very proud of being part of these fine albums.

Hevisaurus – Mikä minusta tulee isona? (Sony Music 2017)
Mika plays a guest solo on track: Pöllönsilmä.

Guitar Addiction 2 (Guitar Euro Media 2015)
Sequel to the Guitar Addiction album featuring an amazing bunch of guitarists on board. Mika plays a solo on “Take Care of Here” and also composed / produced the intro of the track.

Utopianisti – Utopianisti II (2013).
Progressive jazz rock from Tampere. Mr. Fastfinger appears with a big band on track Mekonium Fist.

Time Machinery – Timetrips to Elsewhere (EP) (2013)
Mr. Fastfinger appears on track The Map of Schizarchy

Soul Cycle II (Chris Catharsis – Soul Cycle 2012)
Mr. Fastfinger appears on track “Ethereal”.

Pepe Deluxe – Gueen of the Wave
(Catskills Records 2012)
Mika plays the lead guitar on track “The Storm”. This is very much a guitar driven track, but something differect than you’ve learned to expect from Mr. Fastfinger.

Sauruxet – Saurusplaneetta
(Leka Productions 2011)
Mr. Fastfinger does guitar leads and effects on track “Voiton huumaa”.

Guitar Addiction – a Tribute to Modern Guitar
(Guitar Euro Media 2011)
On “The End of the World” Mr. Fastfinger plays leads along side masters Dave Martone and Milan Polak. On “Junkie Foot” Fastfinger does a very special reggae beat outro solo.

Timo Kämäräinen – Pulpae
(Texicalli Records 2010)
Mr. Fastfinger guests on the latest album of finnish guitarist extraodinare Timo Kämäräinen. Sensei appears in the middle of the song “No Grudge”

Niko Tsonev – Black Feather
(stunted records 2008)
Brave guitarist from UK, Niko Tsonev asked Mr. Fastfinger for a duel! Serious action in “Samurai Gitarisuto”.

Pepe Deluxe – Spare Time Machine
(Catskills records 2007)
Serious shredding in old school style. 3 part solo on “The Mischief of Cloud 6″ has lot’s of action. The middle section which sounds speede up is actually played with a drill (Paul Gilbert style, picks attached to the machine) Oh and this was acccidentally credited to Mika Tyyskä ;)


Guitar Hero Ballads II (JTC 2017)
Features song “Pulse” by Mika Tyyskä. More info

Melodic Soloists
(Mad Guitar Records 2010)
Melodic Soloist features a special edition of the song: “Epic”.