Mr.Fastfinger working on his debut solo album

It’s very true. Mr. Fastfinger’s solo album is under production. You can bet there will be plenty of hard rocking guitars and exploding solos on this CD. The target is to get the album out late 2008 / early 2009.

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    MrFastfinger wrote:
    Eddie, on the right side bar you should be able to see white box saying “Mr.Fastfinger’s newsletter” on top. Just leave your e-mail address here. Thanks!
    08/01 8:22:50 AM

    Eddie wrote:
    Just came across your site today and I can not wait to hear ur album! Truly incredible skill and talent is there any way I could join an e-mail list or something to be notified when you will be releasing it? Or would it be best to keep checking back here? Thanks dude and wish you the best!
    08/01 7:33:28 AM

    Ian wrote:
    ah yes! have wanted this since i saw the website for the first time!
    26/10 1:25:25 AM

    Kim from the UK wrote:
    Good luck.
    Much talent.
    05/09 8:54:22 AM

    keeroy wrote:
    Yes! Very much looking forward to it.
    10/08 3:10:07 AM

    Alex wrote:
    Yay! Finally.
    I respect this moment.
    27/05 6:48:17 PM