Creatures of the Midnight (aka Mr. Fastfinger Turns Mark Knopfler)

Mr. Fastfinger once turned into Mark Knopfler. Almost. Read this guest column for It’s about mind game methods for creating the right solo for the song…

Go to Guitar9 for the whole story, transcription, audio and analysis on “Creatures of the Midnigt” solo.

And here’s a special backing track for jamming, just for users

Download mp3:

Mr. Fastfinger – Creatures of the Midnight – Solo Backing


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  1. Mika wrote:
    Hey Igor and everybody else. Download added now!
    21/02 12:53:20 PM

    Igor wrote:
    it can download this file(Creatures of the Midnigt backing loop)? Can I download it somewhere? is beautiful.than you
    13/02 2:10:49 PM