Mr. Fastfinger quest at Freak Guitar Camp

Mr. Fastfinger had a great, great honour to do a surprise Guitar Shred Show in Sweden last week. Yes, it was the famous Freak Guitar Camp in Gothenburg forests, conducted by the Swedish guru, Mattias IA Eklundh. Mr. Fastfinger and Mika did their duo show for the crowd of almost 30 freak students. As the encore the audience was treated by a freak shred jamming of the trio: Mika – Mattias – Fastfinger. Ugggh yeah, we did respect that moment!

Mika Tyyskä - Mattias Eklundh - Mr. Fastfinger

The Freak Guitar Camp is a paradise for any ambitious guitarist. The lessons by Mattias and Christian Alsing, the coffee and food, the sauna and the lake, and the company of all the students: it’s all Tip Top! Mr. Fastfinger highly recommends this camp for you!

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