Mr. Fastfinger anti-competition status

Thank you so much to all who sended material for the anti-competition! There’s seriously scary material there. And it’s very versatile. There’s definelty material I will be using.

I’m currently busy working on something complitely else (It’s something you will see if you go to see Dream Theater live on their world tour starting next week). Once I finish this other project, I will take command on this album project again. Also start going through the material you sent and put together the song. Also two other songs need some work.
I had to delay the album release to early next year. Due to the fact that I also need to make a living somehow. As much as I would love to dedicate my days complitely on the album creatition.
I’d see the album coming out january or february. I want to make sure everything is exactly like I want it, before I put it out.

Take care, rock on, stay tuned!

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