Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger

Mika Tyyskä, better known by his stage name Mr.Fastfinger, is a Finnish virtuoso guitarist, and multi
instrumentalist who encompasses several genres of music.

Originally, Mr. Fastfinger was an imaginary character, created and animated in Flash, to be “host” of the website GuitarShredShow.com, an award-winning combination of further animation and an online guitar school. The online guitar school opened 2005. The website became an international success and Mika Tyyskä was asked to share and to teach in clinics and guitar camps in Europe and Japan. He teamed up with companies like Hughes & Kettner, TC Electronic and Modern Music School. Charismatic cartoon character had turned out to be much more than Mika had originally visioned.

Mika’s lifelong dream came true when Mr. Fastfinger’s first solo album, “The Way Of The Exploding Guitar“, was released in 2009. Album featured some of Mika’s musical heroes, Jordan Rudess, Mattias IA Eklundh and Christophe Godin. Soon a live band was put together. Live show’s combined live playing with cartoon animations running on the screen. Mr. Fastfinger’s second album In Motion was released in 2013.  The release of the second album lead Mika to produce content to various instructional websites, most notably Jam Track Central, Rockway and BendNote.  In 2013 Mr. Fastfinger had an opportunity to jump back to guitar games. The songs that were composed for the game GuitarBots, also found it’s way to a digital music release, “Stringweaver -EP”.

2015 Mr. Fastfinger celebrated their first ten years. Collaboration with guitar maker Juha Ruokangas was announched. Fantasy movie “The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt” tells the tale of the making of new Mr. Fastfinger custom guitar. Simultaniously Mr. Fastfinger’s new album “Spirit Rising” was released. Soundtrack album features musicians Michael Angelo Batio, Kai Hahto (Nightwish) as well as Mr. Fastfinger’s keyboard wizard friend, Jordan Rudess. In november Mika did clinics together with Ruokangas in Finland and Germany. With Hughes & Kettner Mika did a clinics in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Back in Porvoo, Finland Mika was awarded with a scholarship for his artistic work by the Aktia Foundation.

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In 2015, to celebrate Mr. Fastfinger’s 10-years of existence, 30 minutes long movie was released: “The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt“. The movie is a collaboration between Mika Tyyskä and guitar maker Juha Ruokangas.

Full movie at Mr. Fastfinger YouTube channel>



Mr. Fastfinger’s 3rd full album “Spirit Rising” was released. Album is a soundtrack to the movie and features many guest appearences from musicians such as Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Michael Angelo Batio, Kai Hahto (Nightwish, Wintersun), Jan-Olof Strandberg, Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex -Pain of Salvation), Kalle Katz and more.

in 2016 Mika Tyyskä decided to put together two EP:s. “Neon Alchemist” is an EP with 4 new tracks inspired by Mika’s recent trips to Asia and US. A live EP “Swim Like Sushi” with 6 tracks was also released. Live recording reveals many of Mr. Fastfinger’s stronges tracks in a totally new light. Two EP’s plus “Stringweaver” EP from 2013 was put together for a CD release. In the end of year Mika Tyyskä started composing music for an upcoming game XboxOne Kinematic game “Air Guitar Warrior”.

In 2017 a mini Ducumentay of Mika Tyyskä by Smak Film was released on Ruokangas Guitar channel.