The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt. Movie release party. Mr. Fastfinger band returns!

(photo Martin Berka,

I respect this moment. The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt -premiere night at Andorra Helsinki. What a night to remember. I got to play a film director for once in my life.
It was an experience to see the whole 33 minutes long movie once on a big screen in a movie theater. Sitting in the very front seat, it was BIIIIG! Was great hearing how the audience responded to the movie, feeling that it all works as it should. It was 3 years of work passing throught the ears and eyes. Really felt I made it through when the credits ended and I heard how people clearly were excited about the whole guitar making trip experience. According to the feedback the movie really seems to work!

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(photo Martin Berka,

A thousand thank you to Juha Ruokangas, Emma Elftorp, Matti Immonen, Liina Toiviainen and all guys at Ruokangas guitars. Another thousand thanks to the voice talents: Lasse Rantanen, Vesa Eloranta and Janne Kallio. All the musicians and everyone who helped our crazy movie dream come true.

Mr. Fastfinger Band Returns!  (Photo Tim Lindqvist)
Also Mr. Fastfinger band did a great return to stage. It was a very nice gig. First show after nearly 3 year break!!!
And thank you to the incredible guys: Thomas Törnroos, Lasse Rantanen and Kalle Katz.  This show had more jam feel than ever before, very fun to play and clearly very enjoyable for the audience also. Thanks you also to the fantastic Antti Paranko group who also performed. Mega humble thank you to our friend Jokke Heikkilä who came to do the mixing and worked hard all night!

Thanks to all friends who came to see this with us! indeed a great event.

Episode 1/5 of the movie on youtube now:

KitaraBlogi has nice images from the premiere:

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