Motion Beat premiere – Mr. Fastfinger do the rap!

Enter the beat! This is not for the faint at heart. It's a clip of Mr. Fastfinger Band premiering the song Motion Beat from the next album.
More of a light hearted song. Perhapas not really representing the new material of the following album in best way. But it's a fun number.
This is basically the beginning of the song with Thomas doing a cool drum number as extra live intro. The actual chorus is cut out totally. And so are many other parts as well. Don't want to put the full song out because
a) This was our first attempt to do this live and we still need to practice this track more to get it tighter
b) Don't want to reveal it complitely yet. Something to left to surpise you when the album comes out.

The guitar solo is the same as on another video on this channel.
Some people won't believe the solo was played in real time on that video (the footage looks a bit fastforwarded because i was so much in motion with the playing) so here it is played live with the band in front of an audience. It's not perfectly exactly tight played but this is rock and roll. Or atleast rocking dance music.

Oh and that guitar tone comes from that new Hughes & Kettner baby Tubemeister. The head alone weights 5 kg, but it really, really burns!

Shake that booty!

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  1. Love the tone reminds me of early Vai with the Carvin amps.