Mixing it all to stereo

Great news! We’ve finally started to mix the album together. This time I’m not doing this alone, I’m gave my old good friend Mauro Gargano the main role as the “mixing dude”. Although I’m a control freak, I’m learning to give others some room. I have a vision (I’m the producer) but Mauro sure knows better how to get there (the faders, pots and pans). Also as the project has taken so long, so it’s good to get help from other people at this point. Not to mention a second pair of ears (and brains) is so good for the overall results. Doing this with Mauro also makes this part of the project so much more fun, I’m sure you’ll hear it with the results.

For the mixing I prepared by exporting multitrack audio files out of Cubase. At this point I also need to be careful to make sure all the edits and stuff is good. Mauro then imports these files to Pro Tools for the mixing.

We began by setting the standards. Tweaking the sounds. I chose a song called “Mountain Mover” as the first track to work on, because it was “fairly simple” and represents the overall tonality of the album quite well.
The song really went into the next level thanks to Mauro, we had did some edits and magic to many parts. Added special hits and effects to emphesis turns and dramatic points of the song. We also both agreed we want to be graphic and dramatic with the overall mixing approach. The song and whole album is like a movie for your ears, mixing should also support the story being told. So with each song I also need to explaing Mauro what the song is all about. Sounds oddball and hippy, but in fact it’s an ear trip!!!

WARNING: Contains revealing material from the album.
Here’s a little teaser clip from “Mountain Mover”Mountain Mover_clip

In the end of the second day we got ourself the mix of the first song. And it sounds so sweet, exactly how it should be.

So far we got three songs down. It takes time, but it sounds superb!

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