Low frequencies with Jan-Olof Strandberg

Had a great night yesterday when bass master Jan-Olof Strandberg visited my humble home studio. He delivered his groovy magic on two Mr. Fastfinger songs. What an honour. This is one of the biggest reasons I love making music, being able to collaborate with great musicians. I respect this moment, thank you again Jan-Olof!
One week ago I also recieved an amazing guest guitar solo from ____ . Hihiii, you will never guess… I’ll reveal later Anyways it’s pretty much just 4 tracks of bass yet to be done with Lasse, plus one and half songs of guitars. I’m sure there’s some minor extra stuff also, but we’re soon entering the mixing stage.

Had a little sled ride hand injury some days ago, but it seems that i was lucky this time. My fretting hand is recovered quite nicely already.

The picture below shows an excerpt from a sheet I drew for Jan-Olof. I wrote down the harmony, and the main kick/snare rhythm. In the end I think it was most useful for seeing the structure of the song fast.

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