Lost World – Guitar Lesson 1: Down picking

The video lesson series showcases the guitar solo from song Lost World. Gives some tip on how to play the parts and how to achieve the tone. It’s a short solo but there’s a lot of interesting techniques happening.

Joy with this A dorian track. Extended solo backing from Lost World. Play the oringal solo or imprivise your own. It’s sort of a strange blues cycle.

Mr. Fastfinger Jam track : Lost World – A Dorian Cycle


Down picking the riff in the beginning.

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  1. amazing!
    the transcriptions please!

    • Hey there,
      Will add the complite transcription of the solo once the wholesolo is complitely explained through the videos.
      Mean while you can see the tab clips on the videos. I’ve currently edited 5 episodes. And I keep correcting the tabs along the way.