Lasse and Kalle in the studio. Stealing from Kitaro

EKalle Katz Keyboards Lasse Rantanen Bass Mr. Fastfingerverything is pretty much recorded now. The previous week Lasse came to finish the bass to the last four tracks with out bass: Be Water – Be Wind, Dusk, Utopia and Rite of Exploding Guitar.
The song Dusk had final drums recorded but rest of the song was still in demo stage. In general I had not payed too mich attention to the song after composing the original demo in 2012. Now once the final bass entered the game, everything sort of fell out of place. But in a good way. I felt I need to renew things. And indeed I ended up first rewriting the verse melodies. Good stuff, felt I got something spirituall similar to the song Epic here, althought the mood is very different. Then the old chorus felt wrong. I really liked the old chorus but the new one I came up takes you to the another dimension. I ended up also working on all the backing instruments, changing synth tones and recording now stuff. Althoug the general feel is very warm with the song, some tones there are extremily cold sounding. It sounded like silver to me. Just a few days earlier I had bought a Kitaro LP Silver Cloud. The song sounded like Silver Cloud (not like Kitaro’s music or that song but I felt the tune takes you through a silver cloud) so I stole the title from that LP.

Then Kalle Katz came to my studio to work on our KaKalMas recording which has also slowly been progressing on and off. Anyways I thought I will put him to do something for Mr. Fastfinger once he was around! I had a spot open for “Be Water – Be Wind”. The song has a cool groovy, lazy kung-fu kind of feel to it and no shredding involved at all. I was afraid I’d be too tempted to shred in the middle part. So I thought I’d let Kalle do something there instead. And indeed the part turned out very cool. The melody aligns well with the chinese loops that are doing in the background and has that desirable “little ninja” feel to it!

After Kalle left I added some final guitars to the song “Be Water – Be Wind”. I wanted to keep the original overdrive guitars from the demo, they are just perfect, but I added some clean electric and acoustic guitars. The song is perfect, some balancing with the mix and it’s done.

More updates later. The album is really getting ready. Yattaaaa!!!
Get ready for some sound samples and pre-ordering soon.

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