Mean while Mr.Fastfinger is finising his final tracks for the solo album. Here’s something else for you to jam with. A very good friend of Mr.Fastfinger, Keyboard Wizard can be found at his very own special place at

The site was created together with keyboard guru Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater). Jordan created and delivered all the music and audio. Mika Tyyskä designed, animated and produced rest of the multimedia. Tomi Lindroos wrote the action script for the flash sequencer.

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  1. Comments copied from the old system:

    Sartemis Smart wrote:
    My god, that was REALLY Mike Prtnoy…XD
    03/01 3:35:23 PM

    MikEZzZZ wrote:
    awesome and cool work….i can’t imagine that Jordan Rudess can translated into wizard animation and play the keys as real as possible….

    keep up the good work mik….:)

    regards from indonesia…:D
    26/12 5:12:11 AM

    Ugur Dariveren wrote:
    Awesome work.
    15/12 3:07:05 AM

    Alex wrote:
    This site is really creative, all we need now is a save feature. =]
    23/11 1:58:18 AM

    Sartemis Smart wrote:
    This website is truely awesome! I really like the “V” melody…There is some bugs left when you load for the first time each instrument/planet but after all is fine! Good work to you people! Nice travel through space! I’m ready to give my left hand to have Rudess’ right hand! …I’m joking! °v^”
    22/11 5:20:12 PM