Guitar Shred – 5 Years!

Incredible! it was 5 YEARS ago today when Guitar Shred was published. Indeeed Mr. Fastfinger devastated the guitar scene in 2005. Mysterious sensei and his his adventurous guitar lessons made millions of people jam the boogie all over the planet. Worldwide respect from guitar players was recieved and the website won many important multimedia awards globally.
 But this was just the beginning. Too many things to list here. Check out the history of news.

To celebrate the 5 years of Guitar Shred Show I’m giving you this present. EXPLODING SOLO full tablature >

I wish to thank all the Fastfinger’s friends and fans, supporters and the companies I’ve been fortunate to work together with. THANK YOU! It’s been awesome and unbelievable five years. Let’s make the next five years even better!

Guitar Shred is still here online:

P.S. Mr. Fastfinger’s next album is in preproduction. Strong material! Keep focused…

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