Mika Tyyskä’s Elektrik Pyjamas is focusing on musical animation and animated music productions. Mika has been doing animation and motion graphics for various mediums like TV, cinema, advertisments, social media, websites, live events and concerts in both Finland and internationally. No matter what media, telling stories, forwarding emotions and creating atmosphere is what counts.
Mika is also a well known musician.He has a great interest in sharing of his visions on guitar playing.Elektrik Pyjamas produces and releases Mr. Fastfinger’s music and related instructional material. Mika also composes for TV, , advertising films, short films and games.

“Mika Tyyskä is one of the most talented people that I know. He is a phenomenal guitar player as well as an accomplished graphic animator… If you have never checked out his work,  you will be thanking me soon because this man is a one-of-a-kind and everyone should know about the creative light that shines from his inner being”

-Jordan Rudess (Solo artist and keyboardist with the band Dream Theater, founder of Wisdom Music)
full quote at JordanRudess.com

Selected cartoon and motion graphics productions

The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt. 5 episodes series / 32 minutes long movie.
Collaboration project with guitar maker master Juha Ruokangas (Ruokangas Guitars). Combines live action and cartoons. Directed, composed and animated by Mika Tyyskä. Elektrik Pyjamas 2015
Watch the whole series on youtube >

Los Bastardos Finlandes: Day of the Dead. Music video director, animator, compositor (2014)

Mun Perhe
(Pystymetsä 2013). Opening motion graphics for documentary TV-series.

Shopping Centre Veturi (Kesko 2013) Motion graphics and music.
Corporate Responsibility (Kesko 2013) Motion graphics and music

Hughes & Kettner: Rock on Stage, Play at Home, Record at Night. (Music & Sales 2011) Amplifier demonstrations with cartoon animations for both live and online purposes.
Record at Night, Play at Home, Rock on Stage

Various animations for the band Dream Theater since 2005:

Dream Theater: Enigma Machine, Bad Larry (2013), Dream is Collapsing (2011), Dark Eternal Night(2007), Octavarium (2005).

Guitar Shred Show

The breakthrough project, with no doubt is the classic online guitar school: GuitarShredShow.com. What started up as a final thesis project for school, Lahti institute of Design, opened the way for a life time work for it’s creator. Guitar Shred Show introduced cartoon sensei Mr. Fasfinger to the whole world. Suddenly there were millions of visitors jamming online! The website gives it’s visitor an access to take lessons from Mr. Fastfigner in a very entertaining way. This is a cartoon site has game like interactive features. Even an absolute beginner with the guitar an get fun and inspiration out of sensei’s exploding way of shredding the guitar.

Guitar Shred Show’s sister site KeyboardWizard.net was done in collaboration with Jordan Rudess, Intel and Steinberg

Music releases (albums)

Mr. Fastfinger: Spirit Rising (to be released soon, Elektrik Pyjamas 2015)
Mr. Fastfinger: Stringweaver EP (Elektrik Pyjamas 2013)
Mr. Fastfinger: In Motion (Elektrik Pyjamas 2012)
Mr. Fastfinger: The Way of the Exploding Guitar (Elektrik Pyjamas 2009)

Instructional work and content

He has done various guitar cliniques and workshops in Finland and Europe. Most notably guest appearing at Mattias IA Eklundh’s Freak Guitar Camp in Sweden and at Christophe Godin’s Cartoon Guitar Week.
Mika’s been a teaching the professional guitar class at Modern Music School in Germany since 2006. With Modern Music School he did his first workshop tour in 2011.

Published content for various partners
Jam Track Central. 2 jam track and 2 lick packages (jam tracks, improvised guitar videos) for Jamtrackcentral.com 2012
GuitarBots 2 song packages for Ovelin’s online guitar practicing game (2013)
Bendnote. 4 guitar solos and instructional material for Bendnote.com (2012)
Rockway. Lessons and content at rockway.fi, finnish instructional online music school (2011).

Selected music productions for moving images

Shopping Centre Veturi (Kesko 2013) Online promo film.
Vinter vid kymmene alv. documentary (Oy valokuvaaja Mika Rokka 2011)
Seikkailija Saku. Theme song for kid’s TV-series (Petfilms 2010)
Porvoon matkailuvideo (Produs Oy 2010)
Puolueet. Short film series. Music to three episodes (Petfilms 2008)
Borgåmått – Porvoonmitalla. Documentary (Petfilms 2005)


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