Guitar Lesson Videos: Go Flash Go – GuitarBots

Here’s some nice tutorial videos for the song “Go Flash Go” – Guitarbots version:

Hammer-ons and slides. Give the notes more meaning!

Alternate picking and slide to bend -lick.

Natural harmonics for real men and women!


Grace the Notes II

We get even deeper and go further with the grace notes. Now we combine hammer-oned or pulled Grace notes with extra pull offs or hammers. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.



Grace the Notes I

Grace note is an ornament of a note. A quick passing note played in front of an actual note. Grace note can be performed using various techniques: hammers / pulls, slides, bends, or even taps. In notation / tablatures it’s written on a smaller font. It’s decoration of the note and not counted as part of the rhythm of the measure. You just SQUEEZE it there!


Those Redass Baboons II: The Screams

Oh those redass baboons! And how they howl and dance. Their lifestyle can affect us in a musical manner. Researching their intense rhythms and the screams actually can alter our playing and therefore our bodies. Scream for me baboons!


Those Redass Baboons I: The Rhythm

Oh those redass baboons! And how they howl and dance. Swinging from tree to tree. Eating green leaves. Oh that groove by those redass baboons…the groove of heavy metal.


Tapping with a Bird III

Here’s my ode for a bird and some ideas how to use the material from these “Bird” lessons in music. Grab your guitar, take a trip to a forest and enjoy the summer!

Mr. Fastfinger – Ode to a Bird


Tapping with a Bird II

Here’s more tapping ideas, inspired by a bird! Again we use the pick to tap the notes. Check out the previous “Bird” lesson first!


Tapping with a Bird I

I was walking in the forest when I heard a sound. It was a very percussive tapping tone of a woodpecker.