Classic Metal Workout – Guitar Lesson – How to play in style of Iron Maiden, Dio, Rainbow…

Mika Tyyskä’s Powerworkout: Epic Classic Metal Guitar Workout and Lesson

Features riffs and licks in style of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, King Diamond and Europe etc. Gallopping riffs, Phrygian Dominant and Aeolian scales, diminished arpeggios, alternate picking patterns, open fire with pedal tones, smooth tapping and fast arpeggios. Remember no pain, no game. This is a serious workout, don’t hurt yourself.


The tune was originally composed for the Air Guitar Warrior -game (Xbox one) by Air Guitar Company. The graphics and sound effects are from the game. Music composed by Mika Tyyskä. Thank you to Air Guitar Company for letting me use these here.


DOWNLOAD:  TAB + MP3 (Playthrough + Backintrack) FILE ZIP

Tips for practicing: The slowed down backingtrack was created with iPad app Anytune Pro , I recomment downloading this or looking for other apps or software for your computer. Use the backing track mp3 and adjust the tempo to suit your current skills!


Alchemist – guitar solo tablature transcription

Mr. Fastfigner Alchemist – Guitar Solo – Free Tablature . Alchemist_Solo

Free present for you. Guitar solo transcription to the guitar solo of the song Alchemist. Enjoy!

Note: if you buy the EP collection CD from you get free backing tracks to the 4 track EP Neon Alchemist, including this song. Thank you for your support!

Now Available: Neon Alchemist -Backing tracks and 2 Tablatures (mp3 + tab)

Neon Alchemist-backing mixes to all 4 songs + tablature transcirptions to 2 songs :Alchemist and Blissrush. (through Sellfy).

Buy Neon Alchemist Backings plus 2 Tablature.


Jump Like a Frog – Combat solo tablature

The short solo from Mr. Fastfinger’s tune “Jump Like a Frog” is filled with various challenging twists and turns. String skipping is used here to help perform some wide intervallic frog jumps! The few tapped notes help you go even beyond. Includes slow and fast isolated playthrough with click and then backing track segment. I’m challengin you to have a go on this!

Download the solo tablature
Jump like a Frog – Combat Solo (Tablature Transcription) pd
Guitar Pro 6
Mr. Fastfinger – Jump like a Frog – CombatSolo – guitar pro 6 gpx


Mika Tyyskä 20 Expressive Rock Licks. Mr. Fastfinger at Jam Track Central

We’re proud to announch new Mika Tyyskä’s “20 Expressive Rock Licks” at Jam Track Central. This is not just a lick video package. The deluxe version of the package is the most complite instructional video with Mika revealing many his Mr. Fastfinger secrets. This package is focusing especially on rhythm, dynamics and expression of lead guitar playing. If you want to sound more groovy or add organic feel to your playing, this is just for you. The deluxe version will certainly give you more than just tips to master the licks, there are many valuable methods to help your overall playing. Deluxe also comes with a bonus mp3 song “Effortless” from the upcoming Mr.Fastfinger album “Spirit Rising”.

Mika has compiled 20 of the most dynamic and expressive rock licks you’ll ever hear, ready for you to study and master. These licks have a strong emphasis on obtaining an effortless feel and groove. They will challenge and fine-tune the delicacies of your technique and take your rock playing to a whole new level. Choose Deluxe and get a further 2 hours of guitar lessons from Mika as he teaches you every nuanace of every lick! PLUS – a sneak peak at Mika’s upcoming Mr.Fastfinger album in the form of a bonus full mp3 track!

In these licks Mika has taken your standard rock playing and tipped it up on it’s head. His super creative and incredibly unique way of approaching the instrument has yeilded some of the most inspirational rock licks we’ve ever heard. These really aren’t your everyday rock licks and this pack is something you quite possibly can’t live without. If you want to step up your rock playing, take your dynamics and expression on the guitar to a whole new level then you really do need this pack in your life. Mika has designed these licks with a mind to motivating you to master them, and then inspire you to creative your own!

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.
Download right now, or Premium Members, sign in at and hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!


Creatures of the Midnight – main theme, easy arrangement

Playing Mr. Fastfinger music has never been so easy. It’s like running up the hill or climbing up the mountain. Just go for this. Play it!
This arrangement of Creature of the Midnight (from The Way of the Exploding Guitar -album) is not 100% how it was played on the record, but on the other hand it will let you to get creative and figure out the way you wish to play it yourself.
Have fun!

For further inspiration here’s a live version of the song being performed.

For those who are little more advanced or adventurous, here’s the guitar solo from the same song transcribed:


Extra Wide Sweeping – Master the Scary technique part 2 – Mr. Fastfinger

Here’s the sequel to the previous sweeping lesson on YouTube. Showcasing a sweep lick from Awaki-Waki. Prepare for some ninja action.


Lost World 8 – Tapping Guitar Lesson

Ultimate tapping guitar lesson in froggy style! This lessons shows how the tapping line was built. The lick starts with a bend and is based on familiar minor pentatonic shape. But due to the string skips and little variating starts to sound modern, flashy and surprising. This lesson also shows you how Rabbit style string skips can make your basic tapping shapes sound more exciting!
This is not for the absolute beginners on lead guitar. You should know your basic tapping skills before jumping into this lesson.

Extended solo backing from Lost World. Play the oringal solo licks or imprivise your own.

Mr. Fastfinger Jam track : Lost World – A Dorian Cycle


Lost World – Guitar Lesson 7: Unison Bends

Unison bends can give your single note more power and meaning. Considered as a basic technique, but it’s actually trickier if you want to make it sound good. Reaching the right pitch is the thing.

Extended solo backing from Lost World. Play the oringal solo licks or imprivise your own.

Mr. Fastfinger Jam track : Lost World – A Dorian Cycle


Lost World – Guitar Lesson 6: Super Force Hammering

Hammering the notes with left hand while the right hand serves as the string muter. Flashy yet simple!
It’s a special technique. Don’t take it too seriously. Remember it is all about playing with(!) the guitar!


Lost World – Guitar Lesson 5: Double picking

Two guitar players come to my mind when I’m thinking about this double picking approach: Jake E. Lee (from Bark at the Moon era Ozzy Osbourne band) and John Sykes (from 1987 era Whitesnake). The idea of this technique is very simple. 1. You take a simple melodic line 2. You play each note twice. Crossing the strings can be challenging, practice slow at first.

Extended solo backing from Lost World. Play the oringal solo licks or imprivise your own.

Mr. Fastfinger Jam track : Lost World – A Dorian Cycle


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