Guitar picks, Tab-books and specials!

16 Custom Picks

Picks are back, this time in white! Mr. Fastfinger Major Attack -pick. White pick 1,14 mm black print on. 16 pieces. These are same as the previous black picks. They come now in white so you can more easily spot them with your eyes (picks get lost so easy ). Jazz XL III shape. Derlin. These are seriously very good, same picks are used daily by Mika himself. The picks are manufactured by inTuneGP.
A bag of 16 picks = 15 euros (including 24% tax)+ 3€ (shipping)

Guitar Disciple -bundle set

Spirit Rising -Backing tracks
+ Digital Spirit Rising- backing track album (Full album without the lead guitars) + 16 pages booklet with the tablature transcription to “The Rite of The Exploding Guitar”. Professionally printed on quality paper. Booklet will be signed to you (if special request email mika – guitarshredshow dot com after purchase) + 5 Mr. Fastfinger Attack -picks.
(After purchase you’ll get the link to the backing album in email asap, within 12 hours. The booklet and picks will also ship within few days).
14.90 euros + 3 euros shipping costs