Private Skype guitar lessons with Mika Tyyskä

SKYPE LESSONS ARE AVAILABLE AGAIN! Get in touch, and let’s talk what we can do about your playing and music!

Interested in a skype guitar lesson with Mika Tyyskä? Here I am. I would love to help you with your playing and inspire you to go further. I’ll be custom tayloring the lesson(s) for your needs. Each lesson comes with some material and homework. In some cases backing jam tracks. If needed, I will also deliever you a little video clip after the lesson to make sure things don’t get forgotten so easy!

Some potential topics:

Fretboard navigation
- Approaching the guitar fretboard. How to navigate and find the notes.

Chords / Arpeggios / Scales / Modes
- Understanding how everything is linked to each other: Chords – Arpeggios – Scales – Modes.

Melody  Improvisation and making music
- Phrasing. Melodic and natural phrasing in improvisation.
- Getting out of just running scales up and down.
- Respecting the chords / harmony in your lead playing.

Creative side
- Composing techniques and coaching. How to get started and how to put full tunes together.
- Producing your own music

- The Rhythm: How to get better timing and focused rhythm (also on lead playing)
- Groove secrets

- All different playing techniques you might need help with!
- How to expand and break from minor pentatonic box playing in easy steps.

- Tone and sound

Working on songs
Many times working on songs, learning a piece of music is a great way to master various techniques and aspects of music. If you have a passion to learn a song but can’t quite make it sound like it really should sound I’d love to help. With my students we have worked on songs fom many artists: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, Lenny Gravitz, Stevie Wonder… well even some Mr. Fastfiinger songs!

Something else?
- Feel free to ask and suggest.


One lesson is 50 – 60 minutes long and we proceed in pace that suits you. We can set a single lesson or set to meet every week if needed.


1) Contact Mika. To book a skype lesson, contact Mika on Facebook. You can send a private message through Mr. Fastfinger’s page.
We talk further about what you will need to become a better musician and we book a date.

2) Pay via PayPal
book 1 lesson 35€

book 2 x lesson 60€