The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt – Final episode 5/5 The Ultimater Guitar Trial by Bonfire

Final episode is here. The story is complite.  The team of master guitar makers is pulling the strings, pumping the electricity, giving birth to the master guitar. But will there be spirit? That is to be found through a true trial by bonfire.
Features the tunes: Arise, Supervision, The Rite of The Exploding Guitar, Spirit Hunt feat. Jordan Rudess. All from Mr. Fastfinger album “Spirit Rising”. Share with you friends and enjoy!


Episode 4 featuring Michael Angelo Batio on 6,6,6 string guitar

In this episode legendary Michael Angelo Batio performs demon’s satanic solo using his 6 6 and 6 strings. Ride gets tough for sensei! The moose ski chase. Barbarian bone soup. Haunting rituals. The end is near. Mr. Fastfinger’s balance is on the edge.


The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt: Episode III – Mr. Miagi, Fish Jaw Tremolo and the Blacksmith

The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt episode 3/5
Just like Mr. Miagi, Master Juha Ruokangas puts Mr. Fastfinger to real work. Sensei dives deep after the fish jaw tremolo. Enters the blacksmith.
This episode features the tunes “Just Like Mr. Miagi” and “Great Blue Waves”.


Senseitional Treasure Tape

“Senseitional Treasure Tape” is a bonus album to celebrate the ten years of Mr. Fastfinger.  This “tape” is a special and very enjoyable collection of new, unreleased, rare, revisited “remixes”, live and otherwise fun tunes.
12 tracks. Total 33 minutes. Digital only and exclusively only from only. You won’t find this anywhere else!

in Wav:
in Mp3


Mr. Fastfinger / Mika Tyyskä The Holy Grail Guitar Show Berlin, Germany in October

Proud to annouch we’ll be playing and demoing for Ruokangas Guitars at The Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, Germany this year!
The demo is set to saturnday at 16.30 (timetables might change, please  double check more closer if you’ll be coming to the show)

the time tables of all demos here:

Hope to see you there. I’ll be most probably hanging around there all weekend so be sure to come talk to me if you’re around!


The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt: Episode 2 “The Guitar Tree Moves On”

Episode 2 has been published. Despite the baboon ambush and fight with the teenage mutant ninja froggie, Mr. Fastfinger’s new guitar finally starts to progress.
Enjoy and share with your friends. Next episode, next week. Same Mr. Fastfinger channel.


Album review

Guitar Addiction clearly loved the new album. Check the nice review here:


The Spirit of the Guitar Hunt Episode 1: Mr. Fastfinger and Juha Ruokangas movie

Progressive and instrumental musical adventure. A film to finally reveal the secrets and the magic how the best guitars are made.  Starring master guitarist Mr. Fastfinger and guitar maker Juha Ruokangas. Music and direction by Mika Tyyskä. Movie mixes live action and cartoons.

The trailer and all related info can be from the offical website of the movie:


Spirit Rising -CD available at

Spirit Rising – album is currently available at

(Useista kaupungeista ja verkosta)
Keltainen Jäänsärkijä (Helsinki)
Riverside Records (Porvoo)
Macu’s Music (Loviisa)

Jam Track Central :
- Digital (mp3)
- Physical CD from JTC Merch

CDBaby (Digital download and CD)

more to come!


Helsingin Sanomat full page story and video with Mika Tyyskä

Helsingin Sanomat did a full page story and interview with Mika Tyyskä about his work with Mr. Fastfinger. Also a very fine video on the website.
Here’s the story and video online.

Helsingin Sanomat is the largest subscription newspaper in Finland. Some great visibility.


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