Private Skype guitar lessons with Mika Tyyskä

Interested in a skype guitar lesson with Mika Tyyskä?
I would love to help you with your playing and inspire you to go further. I’ll be custom tayloring the lesson(s) for your needs.
Here’s some potential topics:

- Expression and getting more music out of notes.
- Approaching the guitar fretboard in three ways. Find the notes and make you playing more effortless.
- Melodic and natural phrasing.
- Getting out of just running scales up and down.
- Techniques ( from left hand legato to right hand sweeping)
- Improvisation
- Composing
- How to get better timing and focused rhythm (also on lead playing)
- Tone and sound
- Feel free to ask and suggest.

I’ll provide  you backing jams, home study material to help you along the skype lessons.
One lesson is 50 – 60 minutes long and we proceed in pace that suits you.


1) Contact Mika. To book a skype lesson, contact Mika on Facebook. You can send a private message through Mr. Fastfinger’s page.
We talk further about what you will need to become a better musician and we book a date.

2) Pay via PayPal
a standard single lesson price is 35€


Mr. Fastfinger album III progressing

Mr. Fastfinger‘s album no. 3 is slowly getting together. All the songs are composed, the song order is getting clearer and clearer.
These are exciting times, been working with bunch of great musicians and friends: Thomas Törnroos, Lasse Rantanen, Kai Hahto (Nightwish, Wintersun etc…), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) …and then there’s some new friends onboard, yet to be revealed!
Most guitars are recorded. One drum and percussion session to do with Thomas. A lot of bass sessions to do.
So thankful of being able to do this. There’s are still some mountains, or hills to be climbed, but this is very enjoyable phase in the overall production. Proud of these songs and performances. Will be a great album I’m telling!

You can bet this album (and something way much more) is coming out in 2015. Will be the ten year anniversary year of Mr. Fastfinger!



Mika Tyyskä: Mixolydian Shuffle. 20 Licks!

Mika’s new package for Jam Track Central has been released. 20 Licks in Mixolydian mode played in Shuffle feel!
You’ll learn some great fretboard shapes and a wide range of scary techniques too. There’s quite an emphasise on slide, hybrid picking and economy picking techniques, plus plenty of string skipping, double stops and arpeggios ideas. Over all it’s a great workshop for anybody to get deep with the swinging shuffle playing alongside nailing the Mixolydian.
Mika is also slightly revealing his ideas behind the secret 2-1-2 approach with economy picking. Method he’s been developing and using in his playing from around 2006. There’s a lot of material to work for you here. Each lick is actually many ideas together, it’s licks are more like a mini solos! All the licks have easy and difficult parts, so there’s something here for everyone. There are also slowed-down versions, so you can pick out every note!

  • 20 original licks
  • 20 live videos (fast/slow)
  • Backing and jam tracks (3 different versions x 2 tempos)
  • TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
  • Bonus technique/theory notes

Read more and purchase the package at:


KaKalMas 3.4. at taidetehdas w/ Strandberg / Sabal-Lecco

Our KaKalMas -trio performs as an opening act for Arman Sabal-Lecco with Strandberg Project.

3.4. (Torstai) Taidetehdas, Porvoo.
21.00 KaKalMas – Tyyskä/Katz/Törnroos
22.00 Armand Sabal-Lecco with Strandberg Project feat. Jukka Gustavson



New Mr. Fastfinger material being produced

We can offically announch that we’re recording new Mr. Fastfinger tunes. Also animating new cartoons. Actually doing both at the same time . Not quite sure how many songs will end up recorded this spring, but I’m set to produce cartoons of 4 songs. The cartoons are part of a bigger project, but will most probably seeen as stand-alone music videos aswell. First song to be cartoonized is “Great Blue Waves” (a.k.a. Free Willy 6 ;) )  And what about the music release? When will it come out and will there be an EP or or a full album?
Stay tuned for more info. Please follow Mr. Fastfinger at Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s a little audio tease from a cartoon version of the song “Great Blue Waves”


KaKalmas – Steamin Jazz club at Cafe Rongo

Steaming Jazz club at Cafe Rongo presents: KaKalmas on Friday 21.2. at 19.00. We’ll set the music free (improvise)  but might play some Mr. Fastfinger tunes aswell.

Mika Tyyskä. Guitar
Kalle Katz: Organ
Thomas Törnroos: Drums

Steaming Jazz Club Cafe Rongossa, Porvoossa. Perjantaina 21.2. klo 19.


Music Theory for Guitar – interview with Mika Tyyskä

An interview with Mika Tyyskä focusing on theory and composition themes.
Interviewed by Tommaso Zillio for the site Music Theory for Guitar. Thanks Tommaso!
Available in both Audio and written text.


Mr. Fastfinger creating sounds for Angry Birds Go! -game

Angry Birds guessing game competition!
Last summer Mika had a special summer job: create sound effect for a racing game with the guitar. Here’s some footage of how some of the sounds were created. in the end only one of these SFX ended up being used. Guess which and you can WIN A PRIVATE SKYPE GUITAR LESSON w/ Mika Tyyskä ( aka Mr. Fastfinger).  Plus a digital copy of Mr. Fastfinger -Stringweaver -EP. Read the rules and instructions on the youtube page of this video.  Good luck!


Mr. Fastfinger masterclass at Wishaw Guitar Lessons, Scotland

UPDATE: 1 seat left! Be quick if you want to participate. I know you want!!!

Happy and proud to announce Mr. Fastfinger masterclass in Wishaw, Scotland this December.
Wishaw Guitar Lessons has had a very impressive list of masterclasses this year.  Rick Graham, George Marios, Alex Hutchings and legandary Shaun Baxter.
December is going to be so good and so much fun. In the evening there will also be a concert with Mr. Fastfinger and Mika on stage.
Hope to see you there! Please alert your guitar playing friends, especially the ones in Scotland.
Only 15 Tickets are available. Be Fast!

Get the tickets and further info here:



Rockway – Mr. Fastfinger Live and online clinic this friday

Edit. the recorded clinic is no longer availble online.


Klinikka siiryi perjantaille // Mika’s clinic rescheduled this Friday.
Mika Tyyskä Fridatm Perjantai klo 17.00 at Vantaa, F-musiiikki.

Will stream live online Friday 22. at 17.00 finnish time (16.00 Central european time. 15.00 Greenwich time). I’ll do this clinique speaking finnish, so you will learn both my playing and speaking languages. Will be about 20 minutes long, be in time

Rockway clinic in Finland / open online stream. Musiikin Avoimet Ovet 22.-23.11.

Rockway valtaa netin lisäksi F-musiikki Vantaan, ja molemmissa paikoissa pidetään huimaa menoa 24 tuntia kahden päivän ajan! Tuon ajan kaikki kurssimme ovat maksuttomia, järjestämme netissä ja paikan päällä erilaisia workshoppeja, kitaraklinikoita, keikkoja, tuote-esittelyjä ja haastatteluja, jotka lähetämme myös siis streamina nettiin. Eli vaikket paikanpäälle pääsisikään, ei tästä hauskuudesta tarvitse jäädä paitsi.

22.11. PERJANTAIN OHJELMA – Live Stream

15:00 Kitara- ja bassohuolto: Olli Viitasaari
17:00 Kitara: Mika Tyyskä
19:00 Kitara: Herra Rapu
21:00 Koskettimet/Piano: Emilia Takayama
23:00 Kitara: Tom Stillman
01:00 Myöhäisillan kitaraklinikka: Tom Stillman

23.11. LAUANTAIN OHJELMA – Live Stream

8:00 Kitara: Samuli Federley
10:00 Kitara: Tuomas Väinölä
12:00 Koop Arponen – KEIKKA
13:00 Kitara: Ben Granfelt
14:00 PA: Olli Kykkänen
15:00 Rummut: Tuomas Rauhala
16:00 Rummut: Mikko Kaakkuriniemi
17:45 Anssi Kela – KEIKKA


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