Grrreat album reviews!

Mr. Fastfinger’s debut album got amazing 9 stars (out of 10) a t the biggest Finnish metal / hard rock website. The full review (in finnish) can be found here.

Also another great finnish review at Classic Rock Suomi.

A great review (in german) at


Album is out (international release)

Hurray!!! The Way of the Exploding Guitar – album is now available in various good places. Get yours now. You (and Mr. Fastfinger) will get very happy.

CD available from:

in english / italian / french / german / spanish languages.

levykauppa x Levykauppa Äx.
in Finnish in English

Digital download available from:



We respect this moment.


Mr.Fastfinger with live band tonight!

We’ll be doing a special experiment live thing here: Mr. Fastfinger together with a live band. The band rehearsal yesterday was very promising. Very cool to hear the songs come alive. Our setlist has 4 tracks played along DVD visuals and 2 tracks free flowing. And sure there’s some added improvisations happening all over. Very exciting and groovy!
Band = Lasse Rantanen – bass, Thomas Törnroos – drums, Kalle Katz – keyboards, Mika Tyyskä – guitar, Mr.Fastfinger – lead guitar.

If you happen to be around Porvoo, Finland tonight, enter Magnusborg studios at 18.00. (sorry for the late note!)

(edit: here’s some photos from the session)


MMS and Musik Messe 2009

We’re back from Frankfurt musik messe. Huh it was a heavy duty (but veeery coool) week in Germany. First did a guitar workshop at Modern Music School, Idar-Oberstein. We have the honour to do workshops for the professional guitar class a couple of time a year there. Share the knowledge of guitar playing and have some quality time experimenting and teaching stuff like modes, techniques and all creative things you can do with the instrument.

At musikmesse, Frankfurt we had the honour to do demos for Hughes & Kettner. Our mission was to “show off” the new Switchblade TSC amplifier. Here you go, an amplifier that doest the trick all by it self. No need for pedals or anything. Yes, this is the exploding tone!

Here’s some footage from Frankfurt musikmesse, shot by our friend from “Truth in Shredding”, the greatest blog about what’s happening in the world of shred guitar!

“Exploding solo” Classic material (in Lydian) from Guitar Shred Show.

“Wax on – Wax off” played pretty much note by note to the album version. I learned all the solos when transcribing and it’s such joy to play it. When in tune with the guitar…

“EPIC” This version is more like “Little Epic”, short version without the grande finale hero solo like on the album version. Also added a extention to one part to improvise a little. Live = out of tune for sure…

Not worth seeing, but anyway this was shot before the actual demo. Mr. Mika needs to warm up!

In addition to these tracks we also did “Big Trummors” and classic “Tapping Boogie”.


Album out in Finland now!

Fastfinger CD available from

levykauppa x Levykauppa Äx. in Finnish / in English




Finland: Hombre’s music (Runeberginkatu 34 E, Porvoo)


The Way of the Exploding Guitar – pre-order

Mr. Fastfinger’s debut solo album ” The Way of the Exploding Guitar” nears the release. Album will be released in Finland 1.4. You can already PRE-ORDER the CD from levykaupp Äx / Recordshopx . They also ship WORLDWIDE. Next we are working on getting CD available globally. The offical release date for the worldwide release is 5.5. Stay tuned for news about the availability and also the digital downloads.

14 tracks of instrumental guitar action in bold stereo. Big feelings and great emotions.
Mr. Fastfinger - The Way of the Exploding Guitar

The actual album consist of 12 brand new tracks. The encore tracks are re-recorded versions of classic Guitar Shred Show tracks: Exploding Solo and Tapping Boogie. The first single from sensei’s album “Wax on – Wax off” can be listened on Mr. Fastfinger’s Myspace page. Get to the groove!

Album features burning quest solos by:
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)*
Mattias Eklundh (Freak Kitchen), Christophe Godin, Niko Tsonev **
Ran Ran Du Ran ***

1. Enter
2. Go Flash Go
3. Wax on – Wax off
4. Goldfish
5. The Ninjas I **
6. Humble Moves
7. Big Trummors *
8. Zing Zing ***
9. Creatures of the Midnight
10. The Ninjas II **
11. Once There was a Tree
12. Epic
13. Exploding Solo
14. Tapping Boogie

Total time 50 minutes. Only for the strong at heart!

Composer and Producer: Mika Tyyskä
Lead guitar: Mr.Fastfinger
Drums: Thomas Thörnroos
Bass: Lasse Rantanen
Rhythm guitar ja and everything else: Mika Tyyskä

The album info site is under construction.

Help us shred the word!
For more e-mail: mika at guitarshredshow dot com


Frankfurt musik messe

Mr. Fastfinger and Mr. Mika will appear at Frankfurt musikmesse (1.-4.4.) as quests of the great Hughes & Kettner. “The exploding duo” will be demoing amplifiers by performing music from the new CD. If you’re coming to MusikMesse please stop by at Hughes & Kettner booth to meet us. It will be a guitar shred show!


The album is progressing

rough idea of the Exploding CD cover

“The Way of the Exploding Guitar” Mr.Fastfinger’s debut CD is finally mixed now. It feels like this mixing took forever to finish. The recordings were finished early in the end of November. After that the songs have been under mixing and editing. For some songs it was more than tough to find the final form. Yes, plenty of tweaking back and forth. But I feel I’ve made it now. The mastering is ahead within a couple of weeks. Now there’s plenty of work on the covers and all that publishing and producing stuff before it’s out and available. An album full of exciting, super versatile instrumental guitar music is coming. Can’t wait to let you hear this.

on behalf of Mr.Fastfinger,

P.S. Very sorry we haven’t been updating the guitar blog too often lately. We have been totally focused on mixing this album. Will do the best to get some lessons up there soon.


… And happy new year!

Whammy X-mas!

We wish you a very whammy X-mas. Rest and breath now. Soon we practice guitar playing some more. Respect the santa!


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