Frankfurt musik messe

Mr. Fastfinger and Mr. Mika will appear at Frankfurt musikmesse (1.-4.4.) as quests of the great Hughes & Kettner. “The exploding duo” will be demoing amplifiers by performing music from the new CD. If you’re coming to MusikMesse please stop by at Hughes & Kettner booth to meet us. It will be a guitar shred show!


The album is progressing

rough idea of the Exploding CD cover

“The Way of the Exploding Guitar” Mr.Fastfinger’s debut CD is finally mixed now. It feels like this mixing took forever to finish. The recordings were finished early in the end of November. After that the songs have been under mixing and editing. For some songs it was more than tough to find the final form. Yes, plenty of tweaking back and forth. But I feel I’ve made it now. The mastering is ahead within a couple of weeks. Now there’s plenty of work on the covers and all that publishing and producing stuff before it’s out and available. An album full of exciting, super versatile instrumental guitar music is coming. Can’t wait to let you hear this.

on behalf of Mr.Fastfinger,

P.S. Very sorry we haven’t been updating the guitar blog too often lately. We have been totally focused on mixing this album. Will do the best to get some lessons up there soon.


… And happy new year!

Whammy X-mas!

We wish you a very whammy X-mas. Rest and breath now. Soon we practice guitar playing some more. Respect the santa!



Mean while Mr.Fastfinger is finising his final tracks for the solo album. Here’s something else for you to jam with. A very good friend of Mr.Fastfinger, Keyboard Wizard can be found at his very own special place at

The site was created together with keyboard guru Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater). Jordan created and delivered all the music and audio. Mika Tyyskä designed, animated and produced rest of the multimedia. Tomi Lindroos wrote the action script for the flash sequencer.


One Switch Shred Show

Online shredding is now much easier for some of the more disabled people in the world. Using the small free downloadable utility, 4Noah Shred, it is possible to use the Left Mouse Click alone to play. This utilty works perfectly with “The mountain of the Tapping Dwarves”. Click and shred!

Thanks to Barrie Ellis and One Switch for making this happen. Very Good!


AC Hell vs. Mr Fastfinger: Raw

AC Hell, has a very cool new track with guest solo by Mr.Fastfinger. They say it’s a battle between AC Hell vs. Mr.Fastfinger, but nobody got hurt…seriously!

Check it out:


There’s a strange video on You Tube

Here’s a very entertaining clip from Freak Guitar Camp. The jam between Mr. Mika, Mr. Eklundh and Fastfinger in sunny, scandinavian, Ionian mode. Hope you enjoy it!


Mr. Fastfinger quest at Freak Guitar Camp

Mr. Fastfinger had a great, great honour to do a surprise Guitar Shred Show in Sweden last week. Yes, it was the famous Freak Guitar Camp in Gothenburg forests, conducted by the Swedish guru, Mattias IA Eklundh. Mr. Fastfinger and Mika did their duo show for the crowd of almost 30 freak students. As the encore the audience was treated by a freak shred jamming of the trio: Mika – Mattias – Fastfinger. Ugggh yeah, we did respect that moment!

Mika Tyyskä - Mattias Eklundh - Mr. Fastfinger

The Freak Guitar Camp is a paradise for any ambitious guitarist. The lessons by Mattias and Christian Alsing, the coffee and food, the sauna and the lake, and the company of all the students: it’s all Tip Top! Mr. Fastfinger highly recommends this camp for you!


Some good Japan stuff

We had excellent time in Tokyo with Mr.Fastfinger, doing Switchblade demos. Thanks to all Hughes & Kettner and Pearl people: Katajikenai! Clearly one of the best trips ever, all smile and joy. Here’s something cool about our excellent trip to Japan in June: Hughes & Kettner’s news

When doing a Switchblade demo I had an excellent change to test out a cool new tool from TC Electronic. It was no surprise: Nova System was perfect for the job. Very cool, it’s like the baby brother of G-System! Interview at TC Electronic Japan

Some more cool photos taken by my good friend Ayato Yoshioka can be found in the MySpace image gallery


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