Kitaraklinikka Porvoossa / Guitar clinique in Porvoo, Finland

Mika jakaa Mr. Fastfingerin salaisia kitaratekniikoita ja muita vinkkejä Porvoossa lauantaina 14.4. Kello 13. alkaen. Tervetuloa!
Myös uutta In Motion -levyä saatavissa Hombrelta huomisesta alkaen (5.4.)

Hombre’s Music
Runeberginkatu 34 e

06100 Porvoo


New album ‘in Motion’ out!

Mr. Fastfinger in Motion. So happy and proud to finally say it aloud: it is out!

It’s an instrumental rock album, a hard rocking adventure unlike any other. Go here for find the best places to buy the CD or downloads:


Levyjulkkarit / Album release party!

We celebrate playing two shows this Friday the 30th at our home club, Bar soho, Porvoo, Finland!

Mr. Fastfinger “in Motion” -levyjulkkarit ja special show Bar Sohossa

Enemmän toimintaa, räjähdyksiä, demoneja, kääpiöitä ja nuotteja kuin koskaan. Perjantaina 30. Mr. Fastfinger bändeineen juhlistaa saavutustaan erikoisshowlla. Lavalla nähdään muusikon ja ihmisen risteyksiä sekä animaatiohahmoja. Bändi koostuu seuraavista hahmoista: Thomas Törnroos, Lasse Rantanen ja Kalle Katz, Mika Tyyskä ja Mr. Fastfinger. Lisäksi ruudulla runsaasti kääpiöitä ja demoneja.

Mr. Fastfinger yhteistyössä NYKE Ry:n kanssa.

Huom. kaksi showta!!!
19.00 keikka 1 : Ei ikäräjaa, Limushow. Kääpiöitä ruudulla. Lapsiperheet tervetulleita, baari avataan oikeasti vasta keikan jälkeen.
22.30 Keikka 2: K-18. Astetta rankempi show. Kitara heiluu vaarallisesti.


in Motion trailer

In Motion release is approaching: 30.3.2012!
To tease you even more, here’ a trailer for the album.


Frankfurt musik messe with Hughes & Kettner

Proud to announch that Mr. Fastfinger and Mika will be demoing the world greatest amplifier, Tubemeister in Frankfurt Musik Messe this year. We couldn’t be any happier to do this.

To showcase the amp we are doing plenty of new material. If you’re around please come to see us. It’s an epic adventure!
In Motion – new album will be offically released in 30.3. Get it in advance in Frankfurt. Hope to see you there. Come to see and meet us at the Hughes & Kettner booth & stage!

The daily schedule at the booth E09 in hall 4.1.

10.00 Uhr Mika Tyyskä
11.00 Uhr Thomas Blug
12.00 Uhr Jeff Waters
13.00 Uhr Mika Tyyskä
14.00 Uhr Thomas Blug
15.00 Uhr Jeff Waters
16.00 Uhr Mika Tyyskä
17.00 Uhr Thomas Blug


Sensei’s new shredshirts!

Brand new Shredshirt shop has been opened. T-shirts, bags, mugs for all!

This is the hottest fashion. You know what to wear this spring!


Pepe Deluxe: Queen of the Wave

Pepe Deluxe’s new album has been released! An esoteric pop opera, is based on the legendary books on Atlantis “A Dweller on Two Planets” and its sequel “Earth Dwellers Return”. This is something that we’ve been waiting. Mika’s lead guitar for te song “The Storm” was recorded in 2008, around the same time as guitars for “The Way of the Exploding Guitar” were recorded. If you take a moment to dive into the world of Pepe Deluxe, you’ll understand why it took a long time. It’s daaaammmn EPIC!


Workshop and two shows in Finland

More details later but a quick note that there will be couple of gigs in Finland soon.
Fästfinger keikkailee Suomessa alkuvuonna

Vaasa 15.2. Mika / Fastfinger Workshop (Kuula-opisto) + Mr. Fastfinger Band (O’malleys)
Järvenpää 29.2. Mr. Fastfinger duo w/ lakewood experiment

More details of these + and more gigs to be announched!


Sensei’s Lick store!

New album will be out in March! In Motion can be pre-ordered straight from Mr. Fastfinger himself. Get special goodies not available from anywhere else!
And that is not all. For a limited time you can buy licks from the album. Check the selection and details here:

Support your sensei – sensei will support you!


Shred the x-mas – Shred the new year!

Dear friends: Shred the x-mas – Shred the new year!

Here’s an old hidden treasure from that I just remembered. Enjoy!


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