Mr. Fastfinger masterclass at Wishaw Guitar Lessons, Scotland

UPDATE: 1 seat left! Be quick if you want to participate. I know you want!!!

Happy and proud to announce Mr. Fastfinger masterclass in Wishaw, Scotland this December.
Wishaw Guitar Lessons has had a very impressive list of masterclasses this year.  Rick Graham, George Marios, Alex Hutchings and legandary Shaun Baxter.
December is going to be so good and so much fun. In the evening there will also be a concert with Mr. Fastfinger and Mika on stage.
Hope to see you there! Please alert your guitar playing friends, especially the ones in Scotland.
Only 15 Tickets are available. Be Fast!

Get the tickets and further info here:



Rockway – Mr. Fastfinger Live and online clinic this friday

Edit. the recorded clinic is no longer availble online.


Klinikka siiryi perjantaille // Mika’s clinic rescheduled this Friday.
Mika Tyyskä Fridatm Perjantai klo 17.00 at Vantaa, F-musiiikki.

Will stream live online Friday 22. at 17.00 finnish time (16.00 Central european time. 15.00 Greenwich time). I’ll do this clinique speaking finnish, so you will learn both my playing and speaking languages. Will be about 20 minutes long, be in time

Rockway clinic in Finland / open online stream. Musiikin Avoimet Ovet 22.-23.11.

Rockway valtaa netin lisäksi F-musiikki Vantaan, ja molemmissa paikoissa pidetään huimaa menoa 24 tuntia kahden päivän ajan! Tuon ajan kaikki kurssimme ovat maksuttomia, järjestämme netissä ja paikan päällä erilaisia workshoppeja, kitaraklinikoita, keikkoja, tuote-esittelyjä ja haastatteluja, jotka lähetämme myös siis streamina nettiin. Eli vaikket paikanpäälle pääsisikään, ei tästä hauskuudesta tarvitse jäädä paitsi.

22.11. PERJANTAIN OHJELMA – Live Stream

15:00 Kitara- ja bassohuolto: Olli Viitasaari
17:00 Kitara: Mika Tyyskä
19:00 Kitara: Herra Rapu
21:00 Koskettimet/Piano: Emilia Takayama
23:00 Kitara: Tom Stillman
01:00 Myöhäisillan kitaraklinikka: Tom Stillman

23.11. LAUANTAIN OHJELMA – Live Stream

8:00 Kitara: Samuli Federley
10:00 Kitara: Tuomas Väinölä
12:00 Koop Arponen – KEIKKA
13:00 Kitara: Ben Granfelt
14:00 PA: Olli Kykkänen
15:00 Rummut: Tuomas Rauhala
16:00 Rummut: Mikko Kaakkuriniemi
17:45 Anssi Kela – KEIKKA


GuitarBots – jump to level 2 with Mr. Fastfinger

New Mr. Fastfinger package for GuitarBots game has been released.
We are raising the bar, the songs are little more challenging than on the previous package.
The good news is, you can slow the tunes down to 25% in the practicing mode of the game. You can do this!

The songs on the new package:
Go Flash Go (The Way of the Exploding Guitar), Sandwashing (Stringweaver), The Son of Lost World (New song)

For mobile guitarists: iPad version of GuitarBots will be available shortly.


Utopianisti II feat. Mr. Fastfinger

Ever wondered how Mr. Fastfinger guitar would sound in big band context? Please check out Markus Pajakkala’s new Utopianisti II -album.
Truely an amazing album, boldly mixing all sort of musical styles and genres. Weird, mad, beautiful music. Mika/Mr. Fastfinger appears on the opening track “Mekonium Fist”. Take a listen at Bandcamp.

Here’s a making of clip (Mika appears around 2:30):


Mr. Fastfinger at Slush 2013

Mika will be performing at Slush, Helsinki on wednesday 13th with GuitarBots.

edit: Mika appeared at Slush 2013, in Helsinki, demoing GuitarBots game.


Wishaw Guitar Lessons Christmas Bash -show

Wishaw Guitar Lessons is organizing a Christmas Bash. This will take place the same evening the Mr. Fastfinger masterclass takes place. I want you to be there. Santa wants you to be there too! Now be nice and get the ticket to the master class!

Wishaw Guitar Lessons: Christmas Bash
Saturnday 7th december 2013 Girdwoods lounge

Mr. Fastfinger
Chunga’s revenge
Dirty Work


Mr. Fastfinger Tubemeister demo Lappeenranta F-musiikki

Huomenna / Tomorrow:
Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister amp demo 4.9.2013  @ F-Musiikki Lappeenranta.


Be Water – Free song to celebrate 3000 thumbs

Celebrating the 3000 thumbs at We’ve got a present for all of you. Song “Be Water” may be listened / downloaded at sensei’s Soundcloud. Introduce sensei to your friends and help us reach 4000 one day!


Time Machinery EP featuring Mr. Fastfinger

Mr. Fastfinger guests on new Time Machinery EP. This is definetly a great piece of work. Highly inspirational and exciting trip for you ears and mind. Listen and download the EP at Bandcamp.

Andrey ‘Orochi’ Sazonov and Matheus Manente team up to work on ‘Time Machinery’ project! Inspired by King Crimson, the League of Crafty Guitarists and JRPG OSTs, they put together old-school progressive rock, symphonic arrangements, avantgarde harmonies and atmosperic ambiences, modern production techniques, IDM glitching and guitar grooves. Lots of guest solos and good-old JRPG OST feel included!

READ MORE... video interview interviews Mika. It’s a fresh morning interview from last saturnday!

Most everything is covered here: mini guitar lesssons, gear tour, battle between Mr. Fastfinger and accordeon demon…
Thanks to Steve and Riza at Guitarhoo.

Please check out the site Guitarhoo for more interviews and good stuff:



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