Mr. Fastfinger Tubemeister demo Lappeenranta F-musiikki

Huomenna / Tomorrow:
Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister amp demo 4.9.2013  @ F-Musiikki Lappeenranta.


Be Water – Free song to celebrate 3000 thumbs

Celebrating the 3000 thumbs at We’ve got a present for all of you. Song “Be Water” may be listened / downloaded at sensei’s Soundcloud. Introduce sensei to your friends and help us reach 4000 one day!


Time Machinery EP featuring Mr. Fastfinger

Mr. Fastfinger guests on new Time Machinery EP. This is definetly a great piece of work. Highly inspirational and exciting trip for you ears and mind. Listen and download the EP at Bandcamp.

Andrey ‘Orochi’ Sazonov and Matheus Manente team up to work on ‘Time Machinery’ project! Inspired by King Crimson, the League of Crafty Guitarists and JRPG OSTs, they put together old-school progressive rock, symphonic arrangements, avantgarde harmonies and atmosperic ambiences, modern production techniques, IDM glitching and guitar grooves. Lots of guest solos and good-old JRPG OST feel included!

READ MORE... video interview interviews Mika. It’s a fresh morning interview from last saturnday!

Most everything is covered here: mini guitar lesssons, gear tour, battle between Mr. Fastfinger and accordeon demon…
Thanks to Steve and Riza at Guitarhoo.

Please check out the site Guitarhoo for more interviews and good stuff:



Mika interview at

Interview at with Mika about the latest turns with Stringweaver, Guitarbots game and beyond.


First Stringweaver reviews

Great review by Klaus Reckert at

Kaptain Carbon from Hollywood Metal gives Stringweaver 7 Hammers out of 9.
“Mr. Fastfinger constructs songs that are more like water slides which do 5 loopy loops and send the listeners through seven hoops of fire all while on a motorcycle. It’s the strangest water ride ever. “


Stringweaver – EP – Released now!

Digital mini album. Release date: 21/5/2013

Mr. Fastfinger’s third release “Stringweaver” is a mini album with four musical scenes. The neck bends, the notes fly, the pick is sharper than an arrow. The 6 strings are vibrating with all emotions, passion, joy, excitement, surprising elements and positive energy. Music is drawing images and scenes in your ear. Have sense of adventure, open your mind for this vivid ear traveling experience.
He’s got that flow, he’s back on the beach.

EP Available from
iTunes, Amazon, Jam Track Central, Guitar Europ Shop, CD Baby and all major digital download stores.

More details here >


Awaki-Waki -video (Mr. Fastfinger – Stringweaver)

Awaki-Waki video on YouTube. Mika, Lasse, Thomas. Making the EP. Guitarbots. Sensei. Share if you please!


Mr.Fastfinger joins forces with GuitarBots

Cartoon guitarist Mr.Fastfinger joins forces with GuitarBots, the social online guitar game played with a real guitar. Collaboration of guitarist Mika Tyyskä (aka Mr. Fastfinger) and game company Ovelin resulted as a Mr. Fastfinger song content package on GuitarBots. This new package release presents new, challenging level for more advanced guitarists.

Guitarbots – Mr. Fastfinger level, a serious fretboard workout. Sensei challenging guitar gamers.

Tandem of music release and a game experience for guitarists

Collaboration of the game company and artist introduces a new way of releasing music. 
The game enviroment of GuitarBots opens a novel way of interacting the song content, making the experience more personal.

– “You can get so much deeper with the music when you’re playing it yourself. Once I had started working on the music, I realised the material would also make a nice stand alone music release”, says Mika Tyyskä.

“Stringweaver” is an extended soundtrack to a Mr. Fastfinger song levels of the online game GuitarBots. Mini album takes you on a vivid ear traveling experience for the fans of intrumental rock. ”Stringweaver” available in all major digital download stores.

If you’re into challenging your guitar playing, visit Mr. Fastfinger at

Guitarbots Mr. Fastfinger song package release date: 14/5/2013
Stringweaver release date: 21/5/2013


The Guitar Channel interview with Mika Tyyskä about Mr. Fastfinger – Stringweaver (video & audio)

Pierre and The Guitar Channel interviewed Mika at Frankfurt messe. Talk about upcoming Stringweaver -mini album and the guitar game extravaganza. Both video and audio versions.

Photo by Pierre Journel.


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