Neon Alchemist – EP cover

New Mr. Fastfinger EP Neon Alchemist cover designed by Ossi Pirkonen.
Was an incredible honor to get Ossi to do the job. You will soon find out how well the illustration matches mood of the new music.

3 x EP’s on one CD. Neon Alchemist + Stringweaver + Swim Like Sushi (live) PRE-ORDER starts tomorrow. The limited edition CD will include 3 EP’s and some goodies. Stay tuned. Some teasing and music samples coming up along too!


New “Neon Alchemist” EP to be released very soon

Mr. Fastfinger’s new EP “Neon Alchemist” was mastered this monday and we are soon ready to set the release date. The release is digital only and contains 4 new tunes. The album cover is still underconstruction and we are also preparing videos for the promo and your enjoyment. Musically this EP continues from where Spirit Rising left off. It sounds fresh and multi-dimensional!
In addition to the standar version there will be a deluxe version with “Guitar Karaoke” mixes for the enjoyment of guitar players and other instrumentalist how enjoy jamming with backing tracks. Stay tuned for samples, more details and news within the next days.

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Mr. Fastfinger with Uli Jon Roth at Tavastia, Helsinki

A true legend, a pioneer of electric guitar, master of masters, Uli Jon Roth will be arriving to Finland for the very first time. It’s a great, great honour for Mr. Fastfinger Band to perform as the support act at this special night. Master Roth has been one of Mika’s biggest inspirations over the years. This opportunity means a great deal to us, Mr. Fastfinger shall prepare a special show for this event. Big thank you Toni Törronen

Inferno ylpeänä esittää:
Ma 31.10.2016
Tavastia ­klubi, Helsinki

Liput myy Tiketti.
Liput tulevat myyntiin pe 19.8.2016 klo. 09:00
Hinta alk. 26,50€



Mr. Fastfinger show 12. elokuuta Vernissa, Vantaa

Mr. Fastfinger live show alert!
The Right Between Rock And Fusion

Mr. Fastfinger
Lakewood Experiment

Tulkaa ajoissa Mr. Fastfinger aloittaa illan!

12. elokuuta 2016 klo 20:00–1:00
Kulttuurikeskus Vernissa
Tikkurilantie 36, 01300 Vantaa


Mika’s guitar work for TV -commericals

Some freelance studio session work of Mika you might enjoy!

Mika’s playing is loud and clear in this commercial made for Cancer Society of Finland.
Marko Nyberg / El Camino Helsinki music produced the music. TekoFilmi production.

Guitar is a little buried in this mix but this was equally fun to do
Marko Nyberg / El Camino Helsinki music produced the music. TekoFilmi production.

RAY Pirkko from TEKO FILM on Vimeo.


Mr. Fastfinger Band show – Grand / Magnusborg on the Air

Magnusborg Studiot On The Air
Grand Porvoo Finland 21.5. Lauantai / Saturnday
Mr. Fastfinger, Elviira & Rake,  Zel Quartet

Lisää infoa / Details


Mr. Fastfinger Band live gig, On the Rocks, Helsinki Guitar Fair

On the Rocks, Helsinki Lauantai 27.2.
Aikataulu muutoksia. Some updates with schedules.
Guitars on the Rocks: Mr. Fastfinger Band kello 17:00  ja 23:00

Tapahtumassa mukana mm. SoundTools, Musamaailma, Levytukku, F-musiikki, Ruokangas, Erikoistuote Syvänen, Mad Professor ja Rockway.

Klinikoimassa / esiintymässä Pexi Olkkonen, Ben Granfelt, Peter Lerche, Erkka Korhonen, Tuomas Wäinölä, Joonas Widenius, Samuel Hjelt, Ville Salojärvi (Lakewood Experiment) sekä Mika Tyyskä (Mr. Fastfinger Band). Lisäksi Peter Seppäkoski ohjeistaa kitaran huollossa ja kertoo kitarateknikon työstä.

Liput: 5€

16.00 ovet auki
16.20 Levytukku: Pexi Olkkonen
16.40 Ben Granfelt
17.00 Mr. Fastfinger Band
17.30 SoundTools: Joonas Widenius
17.50 SoundTools: Samuel Hjelt
18.10 Musamaailma: Tuomas Wäinölä
18.30 Erkka Korhonen
18.50 Peter Lerche
19.10 Peter Seppäkoski: Mitä kitarateknikko tekee? Mten huollat kitaran?
19.30 Lakewood Experiment

20:00 Mad Professor
20:20 Levytukku: Pexi Olkkonen
20:40 SoundTools: Joonas Widenius
21:00 SoundTools: Samuel Hjelt
21:20 Musamaailma: Tuomas Wäinölä
21:40 Ben Granfelt
22:00 Erkka Korhonen
22:30 Lakewood Experiment
23:00 Mr. Fastfinger Band

klo 24-04 Rockdisco dj Ricky Wild


Mr. Fastfinger “Be Wind My Friend” NAMM with Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister Deluxe 40

NAMM 2016. While I was there at NAMM 2016 for playing with Ruokangas Guitars I also had some things happening else where. Before the show started I played at Hughes & Kettner meeting where they presented the new amps to distributors. Here’s a clip of me doing a spontaneous demo on Hughes & Kettner booth, playing “Be Wind My Friend” through the new absolutely stunning Tubemeister Deluxe 40 amp. Thanx to all H&K people, this was a pleasure! NAMM was fantastic, just check Mr. Fastfinger’s instagram or Facebook profiles for fun stuff.


Mr. Fastfinger Band Porvoo 19.2.2016

Nyke-klubi esittää / förevisar:

Mr. Fastfinger Band + ABEK :
Porvoo / Borgå 19.2.2016
Liput: 10 e
Ovet: klo 20.00
Showtime: 21.00

La Fiesta, Malibu Lounge, Rauhankatu 29, Porvoo


Mr. Fastfinger enters NAMM Show 2016 with Ruokangas Guitars

Mika Tyyskä and Mr. Fastfinger will be performing at Namm Show 2016. We’re proud to be there with Ruokangas Guitars. If you’re coming to Namm, Stop by at Ruokangas booth. Follow Mr. Fastfinger on Facebook for any updates.

Hall E, Booth #1797
Demos daily at the booth!
Special demos in the hall D, Loft Lounge demo room #4 on Friday and Saturday 1.30pm!


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