FME Hughes & Kettner demo

We had plenty of fun showcasing Hughes & Kettner Triamp last night at Finnish Metal Expo. Mr. Mika and Mr. Fastfinger did their thing at the F-music demo stage. Duo performed 4 pieces. Exploding Solo (as a little warm up), ThunderPantz (from the next album), Big Trummors and Unravel (also from the next album).
Later we joined our forces with the demoist Mr. Crab and got the great rhythm company  of Lasse Rantanen on bass (Mr. Fastfinger Band) and Mikko Huovila on drums. Together we did Wax on – Wax off, Tapping Boogie and one song by Mr. Crab. Uuuh, that was very good and the energy was enormous!
Thank you to Pauli and F-musiikki for this great experience!


Guitar 9 – 2010 chart super ding-dong!

This is  double chart super ding dong!
Whoouw! Just saw the guitar record selling charts for the whole year of 2010. Mr. Fastfinger’s The Way of the Exploding Guitar reached number 2 in Rock -category and number 5 in Hard Rock -category. And in addition Melodic Soloist compilation with track Epic included reached no 2 in Hard Rock and no 7 in Shred. Huge thanks to all CD buyers at Guitar 9 and else where. You should really see your selves as supporters. When you buys a CD,  you help us continue. The support is VERY important! And I can tell you, even though the CD hits charts like this, the number of copies being sold isn’t earth shaking. I honour and am thankful for each CD sold. It really seems that not many buys music anymore.
Anyways, We respect this moment!

Mika & Fastfinger


Mr. Fastfinger and Guitar Pro 6

Mr. Fastfinger proudly signed an endorsment with Guitar Pro. This is the same software Mika has been using for creating all tablature transcriptions on Guitar Shred and Mr. since day one! If you never checked out the software you should! Mika uses it when working on new songs or writing educational material for workshop. It’s also a very important practising tool. New version 6 doesn’t only look better than before, it also sounds better. And it’s super fast :)

Download Exploding Solo – Guitar Pro file! Go to the site,  you can have the accurate transcription + audio for free. You can slow it down as slow as you like. And loop the bars as need. The perfect way to master this solo. Shred and roll!

If you’re new to Guitar Pro 6, or haven’t checked the latest version. It definetly worth checking out!


Mr. Fastfinger – H&K demo at FME

Mr. Fastfinger & Mika will be doing a Hughes & Kettner demos (F-musiikki stage) at FME (Finnish Metal Expo) Helsinki in february 18.2. One or more new songs from the next album will be played! After the demos we shall do a jamming session with Mr. Crab (super guitar player, who is also doing demos). Mikko Huovila and Madu on drums and bass. This will be fun!
Details later…


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