Mr.Fastfinger band live!

Kitarasankari ad

Mr. Fastfinger band will be performing in Raisio, Finland as part of the big Kitarasankari-weekend.
21.5.2010 Friday will be a concert night with these bands:

Mr. Fastfinger band
Ben Granfelt Band
Thomas Blug Band
Pave Maijanen & Heikki Silvennoinen band

22.5. Saturnday will be the final of the guitar competition.

Hope to see You there! more details:
I respect this moment.


KaKalMas on sunday

Mr. Fastfinger related gig. Three men from Mr.Fastfinger band performing this sunday in Porvoo, Finland. Improvised and instrumental. Bar Soho 19. >
Mika Tyyskä – Guitar, Kalle Katz – Keyboards, Thomas Törnroos – Drums

Update: Here’s one clip from the Bar soho gig. Hope you enjoy this improvisation as much as I do.


Veeery nice review quote has a review of Mad Guitar Records – Melodic Soloist album which includes Mr. Fastfinger track “Epic”. It’s a very nice review in general. But what makes me most happy is this part:

“One of the most notable tracks is ‘Epic‘, which as the title describes, is a track of epic proportions. The guitar playing courtesy of Mr. Fastfinger, is slick, distinctive, original and highly melodic, and the composition is fantastic; already I would call this one of my favourite shred guitar tracks of all time (and that’s not something I’d put in print carelessly)”

Review by Richard Baines

Read the full review overhere:


Guitar Solos competition! has a cool lottery happening. You can win wonderful things (like Mr.Fastfinger CD’s)


Mr. Fastfinger live shows: Kitarasankari competition

Fastfinger appears as a kind of “Guitar Shred Sideshow” of Kitarasankari -competition this spring.
Hope to see you here:

The premilinary night in Helsinki 11.3.2010 Amarillo (Mikonkatu 9).

Mr. Fastfinger esiintyy elävänä!
Nähdään Kitarasankari -kilpailun karsinnoissa Helsingissä. 11.3.2010 (Amarillo, Mikonkatu 9)

Muista osallistua kisaan. Lisätiedot täältä:


Kitarasankari 2010

This is for all the finnish guitar players out there. Very important!
Kitarasankari 2010 is a good spirited competition for finninsh guitarists. If you’re finnish, over 18 years of age and guitar playing is your thing: act now! Get some excitement and action to your life. You need to take part of this competition.
Be brave – good luck!

All detailed info over here:
Mr. Fastfinger is very humble and proud to be the offical mascot of the competition :)


CD available from

Fastfinger’s Exploding CD now also available from great german guitar site



Timo Kämäräinen – Pulpae

Timo Kämäräinen - Pulpae

Timo Kämäräinen – guitar player from finland, has a new album out. “Pulpae” is a super treat for fans of high-class guitar music. Huh, this material is h-h-hot! And as if Timo’s amazing, wild and brave playing wasn’t enough there’s incredible Teemu Viinikainen sharing all the guitar duties. Double deluxe experience you can’t miss!

Proud to let you know that Mr. Fastfinger “does his thing” on song “No Grudge”. Now get the album!

When I was still working on the initial Guitar Shred Show production, I was heavily listening to Timo’s great debut album “Unea”. Then one or two years later when I actually met this guru of mine, Timo actually played me some Fastfinger licks he had been checking out from the website. That was nice :)

Beware:James Spectrum (from Pepe Deluxe) has done the mixing of this album. Huh, very bold! It’s an adventure awaiting for you!

I respect this moment,


“Melodic Soloists” CD compilation

mgr album cover

At Mad Guitar Records they are definelty on right track, introducing and showcasing new and rising melodic guitar soloists. We are humble and happy to let you know that Mr. Fastfinger’s track “Epic” was chosen to be featured on this compilation.

“With all the technically astounding guitar playing around these days, it’s easy to forget about the songs. Melodic Soloists is a showcase of highly skilled modern guitarists delivering emotive, melodic and groovy guitar driven rock music that’s sure to get your foot tapping. This compilation features both recent releases as well as unreleased tracks. All featured guitarists are professional recording artists, so be sure to check them out !”

Mad Guitar Records compilation “Melodic Soloists” is now out. It’s currently available from Guitar Euro Shop


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