Niko Tsonev’s album (w/ Mr. Fastfinger as quest)

Niko Tsonev, an amazing guitar player from UK, has released an album called “Black Feather”. If you like high class instrumental guitar music, this is something you should check out.
CD also includes a duel between Niko and Mr.Fastfinger on track “Samurai Guitarisuto”. Hear more about Niko and his music:

READ MORE... is now open! is the homepage of flash guitarist Mr.Fastfinger. The website includes a blog by the sensei himself. On his blog Mr.Fastfinger writes about all the things that inspires him to practice and play. From the wonders of the nature and animals to all sort of techniques and scales.

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Frankfurt Musikmesse

messe shred show

We had plenty of fun in Frankfurt with Mr. Fastfinger. It simply was an honour to perform at Hughes & Kettner stage alongside with two masters Thomas Blug and Geoff Whitehorn. Thanks to all Hughes & Kettner people for the great, great week! Here’s two clips found from You Tube.

End soloing from the new track ” Big Trummors”

“The Classic” Tapping Dwarves Boogie.


Frankfurt Musikmesse Shred Show

Mr. Fastfinger Big Trummors

There will be a shred show at Frankfurt musikmesse in March 12. – 15. Mr. Fastfinger will be performing at the Hughes & Kettner booth each day. There will be shows at 10:00, 13:00, 16:00. Hope to see you there!

In addition to some of the greatest hits jam songs from Guitar Shred Show, there will also be a world premiere of a brand new song. It’s something from the Mr.Fastfinger’s first solo album that will be coming out later this year.


The 7 Wisdoms of the Tone

The 7 Wisdoms of the Tone

“Everyone knows, the tone comes from the fingers. But you need to boost the things up to play loud!”

Great news: Mr. Fastfinger now shares his secret wisdoms of the tone at, the home of the great tone visionaries.

Hughes & Kettner’s Wisdom page >


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