Best sound in FF Seattle

Guitar Shred Show won the trophy for best sound in 15th Flashforward Film Festival. We respect this moment!


Strictly Advanced Guitar Techniques


Few weeks a go Mika did a recording session for the amazing Pepe Deluxe. Some special guitar techniques were involved, as we wanted to combined the sounds of surf guitar and modern day shredding. We recommend that you read James Spectrum’s interesting column aboutstrictly advanced guitar techniques and shredding!


Flashforward Film Festival 2006

Guitar Shred Show was chosen as a finalist for the 15th Flashforward Film Festival! Fastfinger is one of the four nominees for the bestoriginal sound. Winners will be announced at the Flashforward Film Festival awards ceremony at 8:00pm, March 1st at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.
Be sure to vote Guitar Shred Show for the People’s Choice award!


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