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Guitar Shred Show received the FWA Site Of The Day (SOTD) Award for 23rd August 2005. We are listed in the “Recreational & Games” section.

“Totally unique, unforgettable and very entertaining… superb!”


This show is running on a new server

We are testing out a new server. It’s ad free and we hope it can manage all your jamming and shredding with Fastfinger!



“Guitar Shred Show” has been linked from Vai.com

Steve Vai’s official web site Vai.com heard about the guitar antics of Mr. fastfinger. We feel very, very honoured and proud!


Fellow shredders,

GuitarShredShow.com was released 27.7. I had not planned to release the site quite yet, but my friends did it for me:)

It seems that Mr. Fastfinger’s methods inspire not only guitar players and musicians, but also designers and “normal” people.

And the amount of visitors here has been astonishing. Fastfinger is honoured to teach 5 000 – 15 000 students every day! It has been very interesting and fun to read all the comments in the guest book. Especially after working alone on this project for months and months. Anyway, thank you for comments, keep ‘em coming!

I’m really glad to hear how the message of Mr. Fastfinger spreads. If you link to this site, please let me know. (master [a] guitarshredshow.com)

More news and information about future plans coming soon. Stay in tune and keep shredding!

On behalf of Mr. Fastfinger,
Mika Tyyskä



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