Mr. Fastfinger Trio + Douglas Blair (W.A.S.P.) Sellon Kirjasto 4.5. 2019

Mr. Fastfinger Trio and Douglas Blair (W.A.S.P.) live at Sellon kirjasto 4. Toukokuuta. 4th of May 2019.
Mika + Thomas + Lasse + Mr. Fastfinger.  Päivällä klo 16:30, Tervetuloa!

Happy to announch a show at Espoo Sellon Kirjasto, family friendly early show time. It will be the whole trio live together with the animated screens. Before us Douglas Blair from the legendary heavy metal band W.A.S.P. will be performing solo. This will be good times!

We’ll be performing new tunes from the upcoming album as well as some of our finest classics!

Facebook event >


Mr. Fastfinger at Moscow Muztorg 31st of March 2019

Most happy and excited to announch I’ll be performing at Muztorg, Moscow in the end of this month. D’Addario Day in Moscow – a full day event with D’Addario artists in the biggest music store in Russia called Muztorg. On top of everything I’m super glad to be associated with D’Addario strings. their NYXL strings have really made my guitar sound better and stay in tune!


New T-shirt design: Wax on – Wax off!

The Way of the Exploding Guitar is turning ten years old. Wax on – Wax off has been streamed on Spotify for over 50 000 rounds. Time to party with a new T-shirt Design. Most certainly the coolest Mr. Fastfinger T-shirt design ever. Put the T-shirt on and start practicing your guitar!
Find the T-shirts here:

or go stream the tune some more at spotify



Mountain Tone – new album getting together

The recordings of the new album is now complited and Mika has started mixing the whole thing.  You could say this album is sort of mixture of Spirit Rising and Night Overdrive vibes. Plenty of 80′s synth tones but the whole production is on another level with live drums and bass. There’s depth and dimension in every possible way. Basically this is a collection of best tunes Mika has composed during the last 3 years. Some of the best tunes Mika has ever written on board. Like all previous Mr. Fastfinger recordings, this is an adventure for your ears and imagination. The title of the album is “Mountain Tone”, hope you’re up for more music. Stay tuned for more details!


Mika Tyyskä Helsinki Tonefest 2019

Mika will be doing a clinic at Helsinki Tonefest 9.2.2019. Clinic will be more or less covering melodic phrasing + various techniques. 15:30 – 17:00 Welcome!

9.2.2019 Tonefest, tervetuloa!
Työkaluja fraseeraukseen, kuinka improvsaatio ja musa irtoaa hyvin yksinkertaisista ja pienistä asioista. varmasti jotain tekniikka asiaa myös! Pyrin vetämääm sillä tasolla että kaikki saa tästä jotain irti. Ilmaisen klinikan tarjoaa F-musiikki. Soitan klinikalla uudella Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 vahvistimella!


Mika Tyyskä – Night Overdrive offically released

Mika Tyyskä’s debut album Night Overdrive album is offically released today. 18th of september 2018. You can find it from iTunes, Spotify, Apple music, Amazon…It’s a digital only release. All the feedback from the fans who bought from Sellfy has been incredibly passionate and positive. It’s a wild and fun album!




Night of the Shred. Andre Nieri Trio + Mr. Fastfinger Trio

5th of december Andre Nieri will be arriving in Finland. Mr. Fastfinger trio is happy to be part of this special event in Espoo

5.12.2018 SELLOSALI, Espoo
klo 19 Mr. Fastfinger
klo 20 Andre Nieri

Kesto 2 h 30 min, sis. väliajan
Liput alkaen 19/16 € + toimitusmaksu, Lippupiste


Night Overdrive T-shirts

Night Overdrive T-shirts are now available from Mr. Fastfinger’s Spreadshirt T-shirt store. This cool retro design certainly will suite you well. Cassette Terminator with Guitar. Punch in! Punch out!


New album out + Mika Tyyskä with Troy Grady – Live stream

Night Overdrive, Mika Tyyskä’s debut solo album is here! Pure musical joy with melodic guitars, 80’s style synth and odd machine beats. Kind of like Synthwave with heavy guitar, but different! Inspired by John Carpenter, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Seagul… action movies! From hard rocking bad ass tracks to soothing night time atmospheres. Incredibly crunchy sound. All music was recorded on 4-track and 8-track tape. That’s right, c-cassettes!!!

Album preview on YouTube:

Buy the album here:


edit: Here’s a recording of the Troy Grady and Mika Tyyskä live stream. Live playthrough of Palma Driver – a tune from the upcoming Mr. Fastfinger album, talk of the new Night Overdrive -album, techniques. Demo tour of Mika’s guitar pedalboard and rig etc… Fun video but it’s long!

I’m doing a live stream with the amazing Troy Grady tonight. It’s at 21:00 Helsinki time. Live with Mika Tyyskä, Tuesday August 21st, 2PM NYC / 6PM UTC


Exploding Guitar Extravaganza – special package from Mr. Fastfinger

It’s 9 years from the release of Mr. Fastfinger’s debut album “The Way of the Exploding Guitar”. What a success this album has been for both Mika and Mr. Fastfinger. Time to celebrate!

Full backing tracks album + Isolated lead guitar tracks
6 Full tablatures and playthroughs videos
7 Bonus jam
3 Missing album tracks
3 Mika’s bedroom recordings from 1996 – 1997

All details and download links here at Sellfy:

Gathering of all the files, shooting all the playthroughs and all work for this package was a real adventure. Hope you enjoy this Extravaganza -package and get some ideas to your own playing, inspiration to create your own music and some real good entertainment!


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