Spirit Rising – backing tracks album

Spirit Rising -Backing tracks Digital “Spirit Rising-backing tracks album (album without the lead guitars, very much enjoyable for listening and for jam purposes). Mp3 download (through Sellfy).

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Arise – free backing track for jamming

Enjoy the free backing track to the tune Arise. Full “Spirit Rising” -backing track album available now: sellfy.com/p/IPeG/


Calm down with C-Major

This is solo backing from Creatures of the Midnight (“The way of the Exploding Guitar”). Very nice and mellow track to improvise over I’d say. C-major scale works beautifully over the whole progression.


Guitar Shred Show: Magic Carpet Tour -mode backing tracks

These jam tracks are from the Guitar Shred Show: Magic Carpet Tour -game. For the game i designed 7 levels, one for each major scale mode.

A Aeolian
G Mixolydian
F Lydian
E Phrygian
D Dorian
C Ionian
B Locrian

All Magic Carpet Tour -backing tracks feature classic team of Thomas “quickstick” Törnroos on drums and Lasse “fatsfinger” Rantanen on bass. Enjoy these vintage tracks from the 2007 game. Get into the groove!


Mode changes: F Lydian – Ab (G#) Lydian

Here’s a new mode change to play with. It’s a nice modulating tone, the changes between two lydian modes in different keys, F and A flat. This jam will get you flying!


Mode changes: B Aeolian – Bb Lydian

Here’s a very nice backing track for soulful solo improvisations. Thanks to the looping machine, one can enjoy jamming this for hours. And maybe some more. But before we begin let’s take a look at the actual modes we are using here.


Mode changes: A Mixolydian – G Dorian

Good! We’re flying high again with the Magic Carpet. This time we will expreriment with some mode changes. The loop starts with A mixolydian mode and then it changes into G dorian. And loop we go!


Mode changes: A Mixolydian – A Dorian

Now more mode changes! The loop starts with A mixolydian mode. Then it changes into A dorian. The only difference of these two modes is the third note, C versus C#. Mixolydian is major mode while dorian is a minor mode. And loop we go!