Spirit Rising – backing tracks album

Spirit Rising -Backing tracks Digital “Spirit Rising-backing tracks album (album without the lead guitars, very much enjoyable for listening and for jam purposes). Mp3 download (through Sellfy).

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Arise – free backing track for jamming

Enjoy the free backing track to the tune Arise. Full “Spirit Rising” -backing track album available now: sellfy.com/p/IPeG/


Calm down with C-Major

This is solo backing from Creatures of the Midnight (“The way of the Exploding Guitar”). Very nice and mellow track to improvise over I’d say. C-major scale works beautifully over the whole progression.


Guitar Shred Show: Magic Carpet Tour -mode backing tracks

A Aeolian
G Mixolydian

F Lydian

E Phrygian

D Dorian

C Ionian

B Locrian

All Magic Carpet Tour -backing tracks are featuring Thomas “quickstick” Törnroos on drums and Lasse “fatsfinger” Rantanen on bass. Get into the groove!


Mode changes: F Lydian – Ab (G#) Lydian

Here’s a new mode change to play with. It’s a nice modulating tone, the changes between two lydian modes in different keys, F and A flat. This jam will get you flying!


Mode changes: B Aeolian – Bb Lydian

Here’s a very nice backing track for soulful solo improvisations. Thanks to the looping machine, one can enjoy jamming this for hours. And maybe some more. But before we begin let’s take a look at the actual modes we are using here.


Mode changes: A Mixolydian – G Dorian

Good! We’re flying high again with the Magic Carpet. This time we will expreriment with some mode changes. The loop starts with A mixolydian mode and then it changes into G dorian. And loop we go!


Mode changes: A Mixolydian – A Dorian

Now more mode changes! The loop starts with A mixolydian mode. Then it changes into A dorian. The only difference of these two modes is the third note, C versus C#. Mixolydian is major mode while dorian is a minor mode. And loop we go!