There’s material allright!

Yeah, I already got nearly 50 minutes of songs that will most defineltly make it to the album. This is the stuff I’m happy and sure about. But I also got another 26 additional ideas, approx. 42 minutes of cut out ideas and parts, variations and actually some very nice potential jam tracks.

To put together a very strong album with no weak moments it takes a lot of work. Lots and lots of composing and working. A lot of “killing your darlings”. Need to think of the whole album and the listening experience. I want it to be super versatile, no two songs that are similar to each other allowed. This album kind of takes of where the last of left. I don’t want to re-do the same songs I did on last album eather.

For the sake of the album story and drama. I’m still missing a couple of compositions!!!
Wait: another folder found with more than an hour of material from last spring and summer with some songs and ideas that I left out very early.


How to name the album? -that is the question

Still some music yet to be composed for the album. But I’m already thinking: How to name the album? There’s still plenty of time to develop the name. But lately I’ve started getting into this. Many times finding the “right” or “perfect” words can be very challenging.

I see the album as a sort of journey. It’s about getting out of the safty zone (For fastfinger it’s his home island) to be able to get real. To be able to find something new. The only way to develop self is to let go of safe. To find your own path, you just need to start moving.

At the same time it’s also a symbolic metaphora for fighting the personal demons. “you are your worst enemy” sort of thing. Mental barries. During this trip Fastfinger is facing various demons (but not the accordeon playing devil). So it can be seen as a personal battle. But there’s some good uplifting spirit there too for sure.

Today I came up with “HEAD CUT DRAMA”

If you want to throw some suggestions for a titles (even just words) Please feel free!
Discussion open here and at Mr. Fastfinge Facebook page:

Oh and “PASSION & DWARFARE” would not be a very good title. Right!?!


Wind Chimes – Song finally being composed

I’m really starting to believe in this ” Record drums first – compose music later.” method of writing music. I’ve always been kind of a junkie of recycling old stuff like drumloops. Getting real live rhythms and grooves can inspire yourself to totally something else than your programmed stuff.

So, I’ve gotten very lazy on programming drums. I’ve gotten quite a few new pieces composed with the help of the drum stuff we did in december. Super great stuff indeed. But it starts to look like I can’t get more out of those anymore.

So I went searching and found neat stuff from the hard disks. i remember that after the 1st actual drum session for the Exploding album, we did some drum tracks for “imaginery songs”.

I had written song titles on a piece of paper. We just picked up the most inspiring titles and thomas Improvised a full song. Some mode change jam tracks ( were done on top of this stuff. But non of that stuff was used for the actual album.

I found this Cubase multitrack session that was called “piece of chimes”. Hark and behold took me an hour of two, and  I’ve got a very, very beautiful track happening. I renamed it “Wind Chimes” like the Beach Boys song (Now there’s a truely beautiful song). I feels like a special song has been waiting for years to be written. And it’s happening now.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed composing more than now. This method is working for me!

(No garentee this song will end up on the album)


Piece by piece

Piece by piece, the album is getting together in a rough form. I’m already playing with the song orders ans stuff to really see what kind of material is missing from the whole. Concept / story wise there’s definetly some songs yet to be written. Past days and weeks have been absolutely great for the whole project. Many great songs have been written and also the whole concept and idea have cleared out. We continue our mission, in great determinance!

ps. The titles. Many of these are temp songnames. Music speaks clear message to me, but sometimes finding the words to describe these can be extremely hard.


Scary Arpeggio Sequencing – Daemons & Ghouls

Here's a transcription to the scary chorus part of Deamons & Ghouls. Here's the Guitar Pro file zipped.
Real tempo is 205 bpm, but listen and see how it's played in half speed on the video.

Here's some guiding notes for you. If you dare to try it out!

Bars 1-2:  Arpeggiating across the strings. I suggest pure alternate picking here. Note the eighnote rest in the beginning and 3rd beat of bar one. These humble rests make the music more interesting I think.

Bars 3-4: Again rest in the beginning. But this part feels slightly trickier for me to play. After experiementing I decided to do some economy/sweeppicking to make it smoother. But I can say I still needed to practice it a little!

Bar 5-6: Again rest in the beginning, it's a habit! This is more relax and fun. Try experimenting with some palm muting if you like.

Bars 7-8: Switch into melodic playing here. Put all your soul to these notes!

Bars 9-10: Here we want to get slighty more playful. Use of grace notes does the trick. Grace notes are tiny little ornaments. Quick passing notes played in front of an actual notes. Here we have a two part lesson on grace notes just for you!

Bar 11: Single note on first string, 15th fret. Use your whammy bar to dive, but experiement how you get more depth and feel to the dive!

Bar 12: A true surprise element for the ear. Cromatic decending line. Totally out of place but it sounds beautiful as it lands on the right note.

Bars 13-16: It's good to get back into simple melodic playing again. Until the Sweeeep! Sweep begins with more interesting F6 add9 arpeggio but returns in classic major triad. Modern and classic tones combined.

Bars 17-19: Revisit the beginning of the solo. Repeat is good!

Bars 20-21: This is tight and can be try to get it clean and nice. Practice slow and work the tempo. Patience, patience!

Bars 22-22: We end with a variation of the little theme we first heard during bars 5-6. The final note is finished with whammy bar vibrato!

Enojy, have fun and good luck! Write me any questions and comments here, youtube or facebook.


Composing continues – Demons & Ghouls

Huh, the adventure with this new piece continues. Here’s a view from the Cubase after some quality time with the song. Green tracks are guitars. As you can see plentyyyy of edits. Especially with the B part. It was composed in little bits and pieces. I come up with an idea. Record it. Listen to it. Another idea I head in my head. I record it. Uuups I need to change that note there. Record the note. Aaah another idea in my head. Let’s record it.

When composing I try to make sure that I don’t over do anything too much. Everything needs to be erasable. Things are put down quickly. I try to  make sure I don’t kill the flow once I find it.

Demons & Ghouls (massivenotpassive3)

Listen to the B part now (around 1:49) Very happy how it came out. Note that when I started working out the melody I ended up re-working on the harmony as well. Midi bass at this point can be very handy for quick tweaks.

Also the choir intro changed quite a lot.  Just a little thing, I raised all G notes to G# to match it with the harmonic minor tone used with mainriff. But huh, it became much more dramatic!

Also had plenty of fun with the middle parts.  I decided to go for a classic calm down. Then go for some modulating (One and half notes higher always does it for me:) and variating on the riffs and themes. Check 3:39 how I returned to the A part theme. Only this time it’s totally twisted as I altered some of the notes. Sounds like something is totally wrong: GOOD!

Outro B part is slightly underconstruction. It will be fixed next. I’m only hearing how it should go inside my head at this point. I can’t wait for the final drums and bass to be recorded first. I’ll just will record the final guitar tracks next.

Oh came up with the title for this piece: Demons & Ghouls. Hope you dig this little monster piece!


New track being composed

I started out the session with the Hunting theme in mind. I drew an image of Mr. Fastfinger with a sabertooth lion a while ago and was thinking of creating a soundtracks for that. A checked out some drum files we had recorded with Thomas Törnroos. (check the previous blog). And after some experimenting ended up coming up with a cool riff.  The riff was in 7/4, so I had to edit the 4/4 drum beat to match it.

Also ended up browsing for some orhestral insturuments from VST libraries.

Here’s a clip of my inital riff. Sorry for the temporary title, it just came out of my head when I first saved the session:)

MassivenotPassive 1 initial

Here’s clip as where I was left at the end of the day. A new intro added here. Falling, falling…
Ended up simplyfying this riff. Only two chords. The choir is more simple and sound more haunting (and perhaps a little Nightwish-ish).  Also added that xxx notes there. Kind of Megadeth inspired idea I think :)

Here I also got A part happening. Kind of variates from the Main riff. Simple and nice melody. I think the melody was written with the choir tone. Sometimes it’s easier for me to compose stuff with anything else than guitar. In fact whenever I get stuff with one insturment I quickly change to another. If I can’t come up with anything with brass sounds I may go to some chromatic percussion sounds to see what the wrings out of me. Anyways here’s A part coming out nice. TheB part is still mystery only bass and drums here for now.

MassivenotPassive 2 version

Hope you dig the raw version of this. Rember it’s still a demo. This is how it sounds right out of the Cubase.
Have a feeling this isn’t so much about hunting anymore, it was more like haunting instead! Let’s see where this goes next…


Round 2/2: Composing again!

I call this round two, because I have already finished first half of the next album. Now starting with empty table (well kind of) composing and starting from scratch again.

Composing music still feels kind of mystical to me. Sometimes good stuff happens and sometimes crap comes out. Before I get to work there’s no garanetee what will come out. The only way to make great material is just compose and compose. Compose whatever comes out. Other wise no good stuff can come out. I’m sure that eventually I will come up with enough of excellent material that I will accept for the album!

I have now started composing new material to get the album complited. I have already 6 or 7 tracks ready recorded (for some tracks it’s still open if they will be included on the album) but definelty need more!

The situation is good. Over half the album ready and now I can start see the whole picture. I’m more aware of what direction the rest of the tracks should go. I want to make sure the album will work in whole picture. Right now I feel that I want more “epic” tracks there. I have already few tracks that are truly epic but want more!


Record drums first – compose the music later

Recently we decided to try out something interesting with our drummer Thomas Törnroos. We arranged a little session to record some scetchy drum tracks. The main point was just to get some beats and grooves. Something I could later use when composing new tracks.

So the point was not to record final drum tracks, but just to record demos and material for me to loop and edit etc. We will definetly record the actual final drums tracks when we got the compositions and arrangements together.
So I just packed my laptop, audio interface. I have only four inputs with my audio interface, so I took four mics with me. To keep things cheap, easy and fast we did the session at Thomas’ home practice room. Mics for kick, snare, hihat and overheads. Good enough for my purposes!

Didn’t do much preparations for the session. Had some ideas of what type of grooves we could try and brought some music for inspiration. Sometimes it’s best to go by the instict and flow.
Remember a moment when I asked Thomas to play some Punk drumming. After he started playing I got the idea of that tight groove on Iron Maiden’s Aces High. So asked him to combine the punk drumming with Nicko McBrain-ish stuff!

Everything was ofcourse played to a click. Everything must be editable and loopable. After few hours we had recorded down ideas for 7 potential tracks. At this point I can tell that already one of these actually have turned into a new killer piece. More about it later…

After the session I did a quick stereo mix of all the material. Just wanted to make sure that when I’m composing the drum material will be as effortless as possible to edit.

Here’s some tastes of the material we got down. These are quickly edited this from the stereo mixes I intend to use for composing. Hope you enjoy this killer stuff from Thomas!

Thomas drums sampler

We’ll see later how some of this stuff will inspire new Mr. Fastfinger music. Oh and don’t ask me what the point of that plastic bag wrapped around the tom!


A lot of focus and energy

A lot of focus and energy went into practicing and preparing to do a Hughes & Kettner TriAmp demo at FME Metal Expo in Helsinki. I was invited there by F-musiikki, the Finnish distributor. For this demo I actually animated a full Mr. Fastfinger character animation for a new song called Thunderpantz. That was a lot of work. But I thought it’s worth it because it  is something I can definetly re-use for something fun in the future. I think I want to do a music/promo video utilising the material. Have some cool ideas of attempting to mix cartoon and real video band members together.
It also took some work to actually master all the material I wanted to do live. Thunderpantz I’ve done two times earlier live. But this time I focused a little bit more to make it happen more smoother. And the Unravel, one of my favourite new tracks was quite hard one to master actually. You will understand when you hear it. It’s always another thing to record stuff and then actually learn to play the whole thing in one go. But feels good that I can actually play this shit now :) Yes I can!

Lately the album has progressed a little bit slower. But now there will be change to focus more on it. Have loads raw ideas and now I will start composing the rest of the album.


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