CD in the factory. Now!

The final cover // A dummy, paper version of the album, even a paper CD included!

The work for the covers is all done. It took some time to get it all down. The covers include a Fretboard game. The visuals for the game was indeed quite a task. And gathering all the credits and thanks lists and all and fitting it all to the limited space. It was challengin but I’m so very glad you it all looks and feels now.

A small detail from the game.

Ninjas in the backcover giving CD buyer a warning / guarantee!
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Sensei’s Lick store!

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Thoughts on studying and learning

Some thoughts on studying and learning new stuff.

After the release of “The Way of the Exploding Guitar” I took some quality time on studying music theories and stuff that had always puzzled me. Also went into studying the modes of harmonic and especially melodic minor. Checked out a lot of books and videos. Then figured out my own ways of understanding things. Now when I’m listening to some of new tracks I can really hear a lot of musical progress in many directions. This is exactly what I wanted.

It’s really, really important to master all the fingerings of all scales and arpeggios etc. But most imporant is to get the tone of these into your ear. To be able to sing it. Best way to really master stuff is simply start using the new stuff. Making music out of it. And what happens is the when you really master a scale or mode, you suddenly start hearing many opportunities to apply them in music. New worlds are open for you.

Oh and fear not. Despite some melodic minor modes and stuff. The new album is definetly not jazzy. Altough it can be a bit trippy!


Working on the cover of “in motion”

Happy new year! Let’s get moving!

Looking so much forward to all what this year will bring. The album is getting together. Music is mixed. Mastering is booked for 16 of january two weeks from here.
Currently working on album covers and editing jam tracks. There will be some jamtracks involved with the package. Don’t want to reveal too much yet.

Here’s a so demo sketches of the album cover. I put them in small size because it’s they are rough. These are absolutely not the final covers. I’m simply testing and sketching ideas.

About the design. I’m really thinking of the idea of Mr. Fastfinger fighting against his inner demon. The guitar is used like a katana to cut the head of the demon. Sounds aggressive, but like some sayed on Facebook, you cannot be too rough with your inner demons ;)

Oh and I need to start writing down all the credits and notes for the album as well. Ohh so much stuff. Later!


Germany workshop tour

What a week, what a week!!! Seven days is a row. Full overdrive. I’m beaten but so happy. Lucky it was mostly the students that needed to play the guitar for the last two days. After mixing the album the fingers kind of got surpised of all the sudden hard rock playing. 

Thank you to Ralf for making this happen with Modern Music School. Thanks to each and every school I had a chance to visit. The teachers and school bosses, you super people. I’m very taken by the hospitality and the reseption. Andy!
 Hughes & Kettner friends, especially Phillip and Franky. 
All the great people for showing up for the workshops. It was a pleasure!

Clip from workshop in Koblenz. Outro to a song called Unravel.

Funny clip of what tends to happen when I do a masterclass. Getting carried away. The end is funny, had to put this out.

Here’s link to a photo album of the life on workshop road. Photoalbum in Facebook


All songs mixed

Check – check – done – done. We have it all. 12 songs all sounding strong and big!


Mixing it all to stereo

Great news! We’ve finally started to mix the album together. This time I’m not doing this alone, I’m gave my old good friend Mauro Gargano the main role as the “mixing dude”. Although I’m a control freak, I’m learning to give others some room. I have a vision (I’m the producer) but Mauro sure knows better how to get there (the faders, pots and pans). Also as the project has taken so long, so it’s good to get help from other people at this point. Not to mention a second pair of ears (and brains) is so good for the overall results. Doing this with Mauro also makes this part of the project so much more fun, I’m sure you’ll hear it with the results.

For the mixing I prepared by exporting multitrack audio files out of Cubase. At this point I also need to be careful to make sure all the edits and stuff is good. Mauro then imports these files to Pro Tools for the mixing.

We began by setting the standards. Tweaking the sounds. I chose a song called “Mountain Mover” as the first track to work on, because it was “fairly simple” and represents the overall tonality of the album quite well.
The song really went into the next level thanks to Mauro, we had did some edits and magic to many parts. Added special hits and effects to emphesis turns and dramatic points of the song. We also both agreed we want to be graphic and dramatic with the overall mixing approach. The song and whole album is like a movie for your ears, mixing should also support the story being told. So with each song I also need to explaing Mauro what the song is all about. Sounds oddball and hippy, but in fact it’s an ear trip!!!

WARNING: Contains revealing material from the album.
Here’s a little teaser clip from “Mountain Mover”Mountain Mover_clip

In the end of the second day we got ourself the mix of the first song. And it sounds so sweet, exactly how it should be.

So far we got three songs down. It takes time, but it sounds superb!


Classic Tapping Boogie live!


Finishing the recordings soon!

Hope you’re doing fine there. Yes, it’s been a long time since I really had time to work on the album. All sort of no-Fastfinger related work project have taken my time off my dearest project. But now things will go forward!

In addition to the two upcoming Mr. Fastfinger shows I’ve sceduled so that the last recordings of the album WILL be finished this month. Biggest part is the fact that we are actually going to re-record one song. “ThunderPantz” is something I’m not really satisfied with. It does not rock as hard it should, it need’s to be more AGGRESSIVE and DRAMATIC! I’ve re-written the main guitar riff, we’ve tweaked on the drums parts during band rehearsals… It’s little painful to re-record something. But we actually rehearsed this well now. Even all the guitar parts are written and rehearsed. The re-recording won’t be that big issue.

Next week we have the final drum session, then all the guitars and bass and keys.

The Daemons & Ghouls material you sent to me will be opened tomorrow. We are doing that live now (this is so awweeesome!) and thinking of taking some of that FX stuff for the live show backing. Hui!!!!

The mixing of the album will take place next Month. Instead of doing it all by myself I’ll be doing it with my good old friend Mauro Gargano. Poor Mauro has some hard time ahead when Mr. Perfectionist arrives. It’s time to see what our friendship can take;)

Will be right back!



Mr. Fastfinger anti-competition status

Thank you so much to all who sended material for the anti-competition! There’s seriously scary material there. And it’s very versatile. There’s definelty material I will be using.

I’m currently busy working on something complitely else (It’s something you will see if you go to see Dream Theater live on their world tour starting next week). Once I finish this other project, I will take command on this album project again. Also start going through the material you sent and put together the song. Also two other songs need some work.
I had to delay the album release to early next year. Due to the fact that I also need to make a living somehow. As much as I would love to dedicate my days complitely on the album creatition.
I’d see the album coming out january or february. I want to make sure everything is exactly like I want it, before I put it out.

Take care, rock on, stay tuned!


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