Zing Zing – The Riff

Sometime ago there was a request to transcribe the pre-chorus riff from Zing Zing. Here it finally is!

Mr. Fastfinger – Zing Zing – The Riff

The riff is mostly just arpeggiating the chords from the progression of C – Dm – Bb – F. Plenty of palm muted notes you find. Pay attention to some of the dynamics in playing. Especially the Bb notes in bar 7. In bar 6 there’s two guitars playing the slided melody line. Feel free to experiment if you can play the both lines together. Also remember to keep focus on your timing!


Creatures of the Midnight (aka Mr. Fastfinger Turns Mark Knopfler)

Mr. Fastfinger once turned into Mark Knopfler. Almost. Read this guest column for Guitar9.com. It’s about mind game methods for creating the right solo for the song…

Go to Guitar9 for the whole story, transcription, audio and analysis on “Creatures of the Midnigt” solo.


Very important – Basic Timing

“In my personal life I’m always late. But as a guitar player I’m usually ahead.”

For a guitar player it is very tempting to focus all the energy and interest to master flashy stuff and fast techniques. But sometimes most essential things are forgotten. Timing is one thing that many forget to pay attention.


Licence to Tap

Here’s a nice little excercise for tapping. Came up with this lick during a guitar lesson I was giving. It has those hammer-ons from nowhere happening (you don’t always need to start now string with a tapped note). Found out it is a good excercise. Practice with a metronome. Begin with slow tempo. Pay attention to the flow of your notes. Make sure you got nice even rhythm going with the line. Later speed up the tempo just a little bit. Also try playing this one octave lower on 3rd and 4th strings.


It’s the year of the guitar

Not sure if the chinese agree, but I believe it’s the year of the guitar!
It doen’t matter wether you’re practicing at home, jamming at your local pub, doing a concert at rock club, playing at huge arena, or meditating at beach. It’s important to enjoy every moment spent with your guitar!


Grace the Notes II

We get even deeper and go further with the grace notes. Now we combine hammer-oned or pulled Grace notes with extra pull offs or hammers. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t.



Grace the Notes I

Grace note is an ornament of a note. A quick passing note played in front of an actual note. Grace note can be performed using various techniques: hammers / pulls, slides, bends, or even taps. In notation / tablatures it’s written on a smaller font. It’s decoration of the note and not counted as part of the rhythm of the measure. You just SQUEEZE it there!


Glissando Gestures

Here’s something that came out after thinking of those glissando slides. A short calm down improvisation. Enjoy!

Mr. Fastfinger – Glissando Gestures


Glissando – Inspiration from other instruments

How to find fresh ideas? Always keep ears and mind open. When in search of new ideas you can also you can try to simulate sounds from different instruments. Here’s one idea that come’s to my mind: How about that synthesizer portamento thing you can do between two notes. My old trusty Yamaha synthesizer has a really cool Glissando feature. Always been into that tone. How it would sound on guitar?


Big Trummors – The power of five chords

5 chords aka power chords are absolutely beautiful. They leave more options on what you play on top of them. As you probably know 5 chords are made of just the root and the fifth note. No thirds to make it major or minor. Some people say 5 chords are not really chords at all, it’s just the interval of five. I love power CHORDS!

Here’s a funny thing that happened with the solo of Big Trummors (from Mr. Fastfinger’s album). When I was working on the solo I automatically started playing on Aeolian mode / minor scale together with minor pentatonic scale ( with perhaps a hint of blues pentatonic).


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