Scary Arpeggio Sequencing – Daemons & Ghouls

Here's a transcription to the scary chorus part of Deamons & Ghouls. Here's the Guitar Pro file zipped.
Real tempo is 205 bpm, but listen and see how it's played in half speed on the video.

Here's some guiding notes for you. If you dare to try it out!

Bars 1-2:  Arpeggiating across the strings. I suggest pure alternate picking here. Note the eighnote rest in the beginning and 3rd beat of bar one. These humble rests make the music more interesting I think.

Bars 3-4: Again rest in the beginning. But this part feels slightly trickier for me to play. After experiementing I decided to do some economy/sweeppicking to make it smoother. But I can say I still needed to practice it a little!

Bar 5-6: Again rest in the beginning, it's a habit! This is more relax and fun. Try experimenting with some palm muting if you like.

Bars 7-8: Switch into melodic playing here. Put all your soul to these notes!

Bars 9-10: Here we want to get slighty more playful. Use of grace notes does the trick. Grace notes are tiny little ornaments. Quick passing notes played in front of an actual notes. Here we have a two part lesson on grace notes just for you!

Bar 11: Single note on first string, 15th fret. Use your whammy bar to dive, but experiement how you get more depth and feel to the dive!

Bar 12: A true surprise element for the ear. Cromatic decending line. Totally out of place but it sounds beautiful as it lands on the right note.

Bars 13-16: It's good to get back into simple melodic playing again. Until the Sweeeep! Sweep begins with more interesting F6 add9 arpeggio but returns in classic major triad. Modern and classic tones combined.

Bars 17-19: Revisit the beginning of the solo. Repeat is good!

Bars 20-21: This is tight and can be try to get it clean and nice. Practice slow and work the tempo. Patience, patience!

Bars 22-22: We end with a variation of the little theme we first heard during bars 5-6. The final note is finished with whammy bar vibrato!

Enojy, have fun and good luck! Write me any questions and comments here, youtube or facebook.


Mixolydian Savanna (Magic Carpet Tour)

All right we enter the savage savanna of Mixolydian! This is the second mode backing from Magic Carpet Tour – game.

Mixolydian has that major sound. But with the dominant 7th it kind of makes it sound much cooler. A backing track to really emphesis G mixolydian would be simple G7 chord. Here we got G5 and F5 chords in the backing to make it more musical. If you’re in quest for some licks to match the mode check out the game for groovy material.

TheMagicCarpet – G MixolydianShow


Ocean of Aeolian (Magic Carpet Tour)

Here’s a much requested backing track to the Ocean of Aeolian from the Guitar Shred Show game Magic Carpet Tour.


Mr. Fastfinger’s Guitar lessons

This is the guitar dojo. The place where all the visions and wisdoms are revealed. Techniques, scales and modes, patterns, rhythm tips, mental ideas, excercises, influences, special approaches and more. Also under “Shut Up and Play” you will find a collection of backing tracks that can be used for your practicing purposes. Use them wisely!
Full song and solo tablatures can also be found under “Transcriptions”. Practice hard!

Sensei Fastfinger

P.S. What would you like to know? Feel free to leave your ideas and comments below.


Calm down with C-Major

This is solo backing from Creatures of the Midnight (“The way of the Exploding Guitar”). Very nice and mellow track to improvise over I’d say. C-major scale works beautifully over the whole progression.


Guitar Shred Show

Just a tip for the ones who never saw Fastfinger animated Flash site. A great and entertaining source of bad ass licks is the classic For starters choose “The Mountain of the Tapping Dwarves”. Once you’ve learned everything try out “Magic Carpet Tour” for more licks, it will also give you vivid tour in all 7 modes of the major scale.


Ninja Slides video /

Andy from has come up with a cool video lesson on Mr. Fastfinger’s slide techniques. It’s based on the Ninja slide lessons that can be found here on this blog. The slide ideas are very well explained in this video. Thanks Andy, this is truely an honour!


“Epic” transcribed

To celebrate the 5 YEARS of Guitar Shred Show some more. Here’s the full transcription to song “Epic” from the Mr. Fastfinger debut album. It’s one of the strongest tracks on the album and features plenty of interesting guitar action for studying purposes.


“Exploding Solo” transcribed – update (1/2011)

To celebrate the 5 YEARS of Guitar Shred Show I’m giving you this present. I’ve recieved sooo many request to do the transcription to this solo during the past five years. This is the album version. The original Guitar Shred version is slightly different.

Anyways this solo is indeed a demanding one. Don’t try to master it all at once. I’d recommend practicing a bar or two at once. Starting very slowly and making sure everything gets clean and nice.  And after all the repeats finally speeding it up to fastfinger tempo. Hope you enjoy the two pages of terror techniques…


Zing Zing – The Tap

Here’s the tapping version of the same Zing Zing pre-chorus. Based on the same chord progression of C- Dm – Bb – F as the riff. On the song the riff changes into this tapping pattern on the second (and third) round.

Mr. Fastfinger – Zing Zing – The Tap


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