Scary Arpeggio Sequencing – Daemons & Ghouls

Here's a transcription to the scary chorus part of Deamons & Ghouls. Here's the Guitar Pro file zipped.
Real tempo is 205 bpm, but listen and see how it's played in half speed on the video.


Calm down with C-Major

This is solo backing from Creatures of the Midnight (“The way of the Exploding Guitar”). Very nice and mellow track to improvise over I’d say. C-major scale works beautifully over the whole progression.


Guitar Shred Show

Just a tip for the ones who never saw Fastfinger animated Flash site. A great and entertaining source of bad ass licks is the classic For starters choose “The Mountain of the Tapping Dwarves”. Once you’ve learned everything try out “Magic Carpet Tour” for more licks, it will also give you vivid tour in all 7 modes of the major scale.


Guitar Shred Show: Magic Carpet Tour -mode backing tracks

These jam tracks are from the Guitar Shred Show: Magic Carpet Tour -game. For the game i designed 7 levels, one for each major scale mode.

A Aeolian
G Mixolydian
F Lydian
E Phrygian
D Dorian
C Ionian
B Locrian

All Magic Carpet Tour -backing tracks feature classic team of Thomas “quickstick” Törnroos on drums and Lasse “fatsfinger” Rantanen on bass. Enjoy these vintage tracks from the 2007 game. Get into the groove!


Zing Zing – The Tap

Here’s the tapping version of the same Zing Zing pre-chorus. Based on the same chord progression of C- Dm – Bb – F as the riff. On the song the riff changes into this tapping pattern on the second (and third) round.

Mr. Fastfinger – Zing Zing – The Tap


Zing Zing – The Riff

Sometime ago there was a request to transcribe the pre-chorus riff from Zing Zing. Here it finally is!

Mr. Fastfinger – Zing Zing – The Riff

The riff is mostly just arpeggiating the chords from the progression of C – Dm – Bb – F. Plenty of palm muted notes you find. Pay attention to some of the dynamics in playing. Especially the Bb notes in bar 7. In bar 6 there’s two guitars playing the slided melody line. Feel free to experiment if you can play the both lines together. Also remember to keep focus on your timing!


Very important – Basic Timing

“In my personal life I’m always late. But as a guitar player I’m usually ahead.”

For a guitar player it is very tempting to focus all the energy and interest to master flashy stuff and fast techniques. But sometimes most essential things are forgotten. Timing is one thing that many forget to pay attention.


Why to record with real musicians?


People are asking how I do all the backing tracks of Fastfinger music. Hmmm. there are different ways how I like to work, depending on what kind of production were dealing with. But in this case I started by fooling around with Cubase sequencer software (with the idea of the song in my head firts). Used a lot of samples drums, percussion loops, laying down all sort of midi instruments to achieve the sounds and ideas roughtly. Record rough demo guitar tracks.


Patterns in Octaves – 2 notes per string

This time we take a look at one simple idea that is very useful in guitar playing. Group of four notes, two notes per string approach!


Secret Ninja Techniques IV – Rolling mini sweeps

Sweep picking, what a nice way to play arpeggios. This technique gives you that nice smooth legato like tone. Let’s your fingers fly around the fretboard!
Popular is to play triad based sweeping arpeggios (think Yngwie Malmsteen). Google “sweeping”, You will find that kind of material all over the internet. Let’s focus on something else…


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