Creatures of the Midnight – main theme, easy arrangement

Playing Mr. Fastfinger music has never been so easy. It’s like running up the hill or climbing up the mountain. Just go for this. Play it!
This arrangement of Creature of the Midnight (from The Way of the Exploding Guitar -album) is not 100% how it was played on the record, but on the other hand it will let you to get creative and figure out the way you wish to play it yourself.
Have fun!

For further inspiration here’s a live version of the song being performed.

For those who are little more advanced or adventurous, here’s the guitar solo from the same song transcribed:


Extra Wide Sweeping – Master the Scary technique part 2 – Mr. Fastfinger

Here’s the sequel to the previous sweeping lesson on YouTube. Showcasing a sweep lick from Awaki-Waki. Prepare for some ninja action.


Life with space. In balace between reverb, delay and guitar.

Mr. Saaran wrote me and asked what I think about having too much reverb or delay.

Like in life, it’s all about the balance. How much effects, reverb or delay you want depends what you’re after. You want that in your face punchy sound or wish to go out of this world and all over the space with your guitar? Too much delay or reverb can be just the thing you need at times. But maybe not all the time!
And how do you get that guitar god like echo delay without getting too messy?


4 Steps to Melodic Improvisation – guitar lesson with tablatures and jamtracks



Mr.Fastfinger joins forces with GuitarBots

Cartoon guitarist Mr.Fastfinger joins forces with GuitarBots, the social online guitar game played with a real guitar. Collaboration of guitarist Mika Tyyskä (aka Mr. Fastfinger) and game company Ovelin resulted as a Mr. Fastfinger song content package on GuitarBots. This new package release presents new, challenging level for more advanced guitarists.

Guitarbots – Mr. Fastfinger level, a serious fretboard workout. Sensei challenging guitar gamers.

Tandem of music release and a game experience for guitarists

Collaboration of the game company and artist introduces a new way of releasing music. 
The game enviroment of GuitarBots opens a novel way of interacting the song content, making the experience more personal.

– “You can get so much deeper with the music when you’re playing it yourself. Once I had started working on the music, I realised the material would also make a nice stand alone music release”, says Mika Tyyskä.

“Stringweaver” is an extended soundtrack to a Mr. Fastfinger song levels of the online game GuitarBots. Mini album takes you on a vivid ear traveling experience for the fans of intrumental rock. ”Stringweaver” available in all major digital download stores.

If you’re into challenging your guitar playing, visit Mr. Fastfinger at

Guitarbots Mr. Fastfinger song package release date: 14/5/2013
Stringweaver release date: 21/5/2013


Originality in music. Tune your ears for new music

In Facebook someone was wonder howcome my music sounds as original as it does. He asked me to share what kind of music do I listen, where it all comes from ?

“hey man since you are so humble and honestly one of my three favorite musician (of course the first one I try to use your Consultation to learn new thing from you in order to became great some day and I ask you If you became tired of my questioning frankly say it and your help will be always appreciated . You know another question in my mind is that your music is completely a new thing and different from others I mean the taste of that is completely something new ! how have reach them ? by listening to what?!”


Lost World – Guitar Lesson series. Picking methods and beyond!

The video lesson series showcases the guitar solo from song Lost World. Gives some tip on how to play the parts and how to achieve the tone. It’s a short solo but there’s a lot of interesting techniques happening.


Down picking the riff in the beginning.

Read on and find all episodes!



Here’s the main theme of Mr. Fastfinger song Breathe. It’s the actual composition, rest of the song was improvised along the way and keeps changing during performances. This is the only copy I could find of the transcription, paper copy. In the left corner you can see Lasses notes made in the studio about the song structure. Well it actually ended up being shorter. with extremily slow tempo, we realize there shouldn’t be too many rounds of the parts.

Btw. I composed the theme almost 20 years ago. Was planning to put if on Mr. Fastfinger’s debut album but couldn’t make it work.The way to make this really happen for this second album was to get Thomas, Lasse and Kalle into the studio at the same time. we recorded the basic tracks all together.

Enjoy and Breathe!

CD owners: Check out the Fretboard game page to get your BACKINGTRACK from the studio version of this song.


The Power of the Power chords II

Was showing a part from Big Trummors to a student and this made me think about the power of 5 chords once again. There’s something very clever with the main part / main riff and how lines and melodies are added on top of it.

Big Trummors-powerchords-clip


Here’s the simple foundation. The power chords which were the initial start for the whole composition. All the chords actually go perfectly in G minor scale. So with these powerchords only you would easily hear it as minor.


But let’s put the melody line on top. This came as the second thing when I was composing this track. Huuuh, The B note makes the G5 chord turn into major chord. But it works, and makes everything sound suddenly much more interesting.


Later I added this Alice Cooper “poisonish” guitar arpeggiationg line on top of it all. It gives some of the chords more color. This arpeggiatior can be heard after the solos.


If you stack up all the harmony of all these parts together you could come up with such chords as these. For something like a single acoustic guitar arrangement these chords could come up handy. Go fo it!

There’s actually more stuff happening on top with all the synths and strings but I let you analyse it as your homework.
Big Trummors is a proof of how strong and clever power chords actually can be. Powerchord leave a lot of room for the melodies and other instruments to play on. With a little extra harmony stuff on top of these chords you can do amazing sh*tuff!

If  you wish to practice some of these parts individually here’s the Guitar Pro 6 file for you: Big And here’s Guitar Pro 5 version.


Zing Zing – The Solo

Oh yeah. Someone requested this tab a looong time ago when I put out some other parts of this song. Here it is.

A very flashy 80′s hairy kind of solo me thinks. I even made a video out of it. Enjoy.

This starts with some double bends and harmonics and stuff. But the real fun begins in bar 5. Was thinking of George Lynch when I did this diminished string-skipped stuff. these licks mix diminished and halftone-wholetone scales/arps in a cool way. More halftone – whole tone in bars 9-11 this time all altenate picked.
In bar 19-20 some typical octave arpeggio playing. The final has some more of nice alternate picking 16th notes.

ZING ZING – solo – backing
Note the cool groove this 7/8 beat gives the track. Very inspiring beat for soloing. Makes you wanna fly.

Zing Zing-Solo -GuitarPro6 zipped


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