Private Skype guitar lessons with Mika Tyyskä

SKYPE LESSONS ARE AVAILABLE AGAIN! Get in touch, and let’s talk what we can do about your playing and music!

Interested in a skype guitar lesson with Mika Tyyskä?
I would love to help you with your playing and inspire you to go further. I’ll be custom tayloring the lesson(s) for your needs.
Here’s some potential topics:

- Expression and getting more music out of notes.
- Approaching the guitar fretboard in three ways. Find the notes and make you playing more effortless.
- Melodic and natural phrasing.
- Getting out of just running scales up and down.
- Techniques ( from left hand legato to right hand sweeping)
- Improvisation
- Composing
- How to get better timing and focused rhythm (also on lead playing)
- Tone and sound
- Feel free to ask and suggest.

I’ll provide  you backing jams, home study material to help you along the skype lessons.
One lesson is 50 – 60 minutes long and we proceed in pace that suits you.


1) Contact Mika. To book a skype lesson, contact Mika on Facebook. You can send a private message through Mr. Fastfinger’s page.
We talk further about what you will need to become a better musician and we book a date.

2) Pay via PayPal
a standard single lesson price is 35€


Alchemist – guitar solo tablature transcription

Mr. Fastfigner Alchemist – Guitar Solo – Free Tablature . Alchemist_Solo

Free present for you. Guitar solo transcription to the guitar solo of the song Alchemist. Enjoy!

Note: if you buy the EP collection CD from you get free backing tracks to the 4 track EP Neon Alchemist, including this song. Thank you for your support!

Now Available: Neon Alchemist -Backing tracks and 2 Tablatures (mp3 + tab)

Neon Alchemist-backing mixes to all 4 songs + tablature transcirptions to 2 songs :Alchemist and Blissrush. (through Sellfy).

Buy Neon Alchemist Backings plus 2 Tablature.


Jump Like a Frog – Combat solo tablature

The short solo from Mr. Fastfinger’s tune “Jump Like a Frog” is filled with various challenging twists and turns. String skipping is used here to help perform some wide intervallic frog jumps! The few tapped notes help you go even beyond. Includes slow and fast isolated playthrough with click and then backing track segment. I’m challengin you to have a go on this!

Download the solo tablature
Jump like a Frog – Combat Solo (Tablature Transcription) pd
Guitar Pro 6
Mr. Fastfinger – Jump like a Frog – CombatSolo – guitar pro 6 gpx


Arise – backing track for jamming

Enjoy the free backing track to the tune Arise. Full “Spirit Rising” -backing track album available now:

Also a special “Guitar Disciple” bundle available. Full Backing track album + 16 Signed tablature booklet “The Rite of Exploding Guitar” with Mika Tyyskä’s special art, professionally printed on quality paper + 5 Mr. Fastfinger custom Attack Jazz III style picks.

Musicians on this track: Jan-Olof Strandberg on Bass, Tomas Törnroos on Drums, Mika Tyyskä everything else. Composed by Mika Tyyskä.


Mika Tyyskä 20 Expressive Rock Licks. Mr. Fastfinger at Jam Track Central

We’re proud to announch new Mika Tyyskä’s “20 Expressive Rock Licks” at Jam Track Central. This is not just a lick video package. The deluxe version of the package is the most complite instructional video with Mika revealing many his Mr. Fastfinger secrets. This package is focusing especially on rhythm, dynamics and expression of lead guitar playing. If you want to sound more groovy or add organic feel to your playing, this is just for you. The deluxe version will certainly give you more than just tips to master the licks, there are many valuable methods to help your overall playing. Deluxe also comes with a bonus mp3 song “Effortless” from the upcoming Mr.Fastfinger album “Spirit Rising”.

Mika has compiled 20 of the most dynamic and expressive rock licks you’ll ever hear, ready for you to study and master. These licks have a strong emphasis on obtaining an effortless feel and groove. They will challenge and fine-tune the delicacies of your technique and take your rock playing to a whole new level. Choose Deluxe and get a further 2 hours of guitar lessons from Mika as he teaches you every nuanace of every lick! PLUS – a sneak peak at Mika’s upcoming Mr.Fastfinger album in the form of a bonus full mp3 track!

In these licks Mika has taken your standard rock playing and tipped it up on it’s head. His super creative and incredibly unique way of approaching the instrument has yeilded some of the most inspirational rock licks we’ve ever heard. These really aren’t your everyday rock licks and this pack is something you quite possibly can’t live without. If you want to step up your rock playing, take your dynamics and expression on the guitar to a whole new level then you really do need this pack in your life. Mika has designed these licks with a mind to motivating you to master them, and then inspire you to creative your own!

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.
Download right now, or Premium Members, sign in at and hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!


Mika Tyyskä: Mixolydian Shuffle. 20 Licks!

Mika’s new package for Jam Track Central has been released. 20 Licks in Mixolydian mode played in Shuffle feel!
You’ll learn some great fretboard shapes and a wide range of scary techniques too. There’s quite an emphasise on slide, hybrid picking and economy picking techniques, plus plenty of string skipping, double stops and arpeggios ideas. Over all it’s a great workshop for anybody to get deep with the swinging shuffle playing alongside nailing the Mixolydian.
Mika is also slightly revealing his ideas behind the secret 2-1-2 approach with economy picking. Method he’s been developing and using in his playing from around 2006. There’s a lot of material to work for you here. Each lick is actually many ideas together, it’s licks are more like a mini solos! All the licks have easy and difficult parts, so there’s something here for everyone. There are also slowed-down versions, so you can pick out every note!

  • 20 original licks
  • 20 live videos (fast/slow)
  • Backing and jam tracks (3 different versions x 2 tempos)
  • TAB/Notation (PDF/Powertab)
  • Bonus technique/theory notes

Read more and purchase the package at:


Creatures of the Midnight – main theme, easy arrangement

Playing Mr. Fastfinger music has never been so easy. It’s like running up the hill or climbing up the mountain. Just go for this. Play it!
This arrangement of Creature of the Midnight (from The Way of the Exploding Guitar -album) is not 100% how it was played on the record, but on the other hand it will let you to get creative and figure out the way you wish to play it yourself.
Have fun!

For further inspiration here’s a live version of the song being performed.

For those who are little more advanced or adventurous, here’s the guitar solo from the same song transcribed:


Extra Wide Sweeping – Master the Scary technique part 2 – Mr. Fastfinger

Here’s the sequel to the previous sweeping lesson on YouTube. Showcasing a sweep lick from Awaki-Waki. Prepare for some ninja action.


Guitar Lesson Videos: Go Flash Go – GuitarBots

Here’s some nice tutorial videos for the song “Go Flash Go” – Guitarbots version:

Hammer-ons and slides. Give the notes more meaning!

Alternate picking and slide to bend -lick.

Natural harmonics for real men and women!


Life with space. In balace between reverb, delay and guitar.

Mr. Saaran wrote me and asked what I think about having too much reverb or delay.

Like in life, it’s all about the balance. How much effects, reverb or delay you want depends what you’re after. You want that in your face punchy sound or wish to go out of this world and all over the space with your guitar? Too much delay or reverb can be just the thing you need at times. But maybe not all the time!
And how do you get that guitar god like echo delay without getting too messy?

The right amount of delay or reverb is just a matter of your taste. But even more matter of the music and what’s happening there.  When it comes to overall mix of music I really like to have in your face kind of mix where Guitar, Bass Drums really sit in the front. But for the contrast I’ll happily go overboard with reverb and delay when the right moment comes.

Try to see delay and reverb as musical instruments. These should blend with the music. What kind of tone and rhythm, length settings will work best? Delay pedals with tap tempo can help you make your delay settings match the music. If you have the tempo set to go along the song tempo, it’s most likely going to fit in there more musically.

Delay and reverb should elevate the music. What kind of visua… I mean aural scenery are you tryint to build?

When we were mixing In Motion album with my old friend Mauro, he started calling me a reverbphobic (as well as treble phobic) as most of the time the rhythm guitars and even lead guitars have only just a little bit of short ambience reverb to give the tone little air and space.
In general I’ve been using longer reverbs with clean guitars and delays with lead guitars. It usually work like this, atleas for me, but of course there are always exceptions.

On the other side, I might want to go crazy with delay or echo. If you listen closely to the mix of Epic (The Way of the Exploding Guitar). It’s generally quite punchy and dry, but there’s an incredible amount of delays and echoes with the lead guitar . Especially in the end. If you only heard the lead guitar + delays isolated you would hear it all. It blends nicely in the overall mix and turns everything more…epic.
When I was mixing the track I actually took Nova Delay and recorded a delay track while tweaking tone and feedback knobs with my fingers. Sort of treating delay like an instrument. When the time comes I can have tons of feedback and go back to more subtle when there’s no need for it. I then even hand adjusted the velocity volume curve for the delay.  In my live G-System set up I have an expression pedal to adjust the feedback and mix of delay in my lead guitar preset. I can play busy leads with little echo behind there, but when I want that guitar god moment with long sustained note I can just rock the pedal and smoothly mix in more of that delay!

With mixing music, finding the right balance of dry and effect can be very tricky. It’s good to have some reference recording and to listen to your mixes with well rested ears too.


Reverb and Delay are usually called as effects. For a reason. You might want to treat them as effects. What does this mean? If you have the same effect on all the time, it might become the standard for the ears and it will loose it’s effect. Usually effects are best when they are only used in right spots, giving the right song and or song part the wanted … effect! . For example Listen Zing Zing (The Way of the Exploding Guitar) part at 3:00. The suddenly chords with long reverb and echo gives the overall punchy song a needed change. The musical moment takes you to somewhere else for a while before turns back for hard rock attack! It’s like having ginger while eating sushi. Refreshing your ears!

Try playing with your guitar for a minute or five minutes with tons of delay and/or reverb. Then suddenly cut it out and continue playing totally dry. What a great dramatic shock effect! How can you use this effect in a song?

In general slower tempo music has more space and room for you to fill in with effects. Fast tracks will easily go messy with effects as they are already filled with actually played notes.

When mixing recordings, ambience reverbs are very good for giving the mix more air. But you might not need them live as the room you play probably has a natural ambience or reverb to begin with.
Also if you play in a venue that already has a lot of messy echo and space, you might want to skip the reverbs as they will only add extra mess to your tone.

Plate reverb simulations can sound very musical in many places. In old times before digital reverbs, the Plate was the only way to get reverbs. Many classic albums and recordings has plate reverbs. They can sound great and musical!

Listen closely to to some well mixed albums
, how reverb / delay has been used with the guitar and other instuments. Try headphones!

Check and listen how your favourite guitarists are using these effects live.
Some guitarists to check out: Eric Johnson, Thomas Blug.


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